Possible Side Effects May Include…

If you have seen some of the commercials for pharmaceuticals lately, you’ve probably noticed that after the commercial outlines the benefits of any particular medicine, they give a laundry list of “possible side effects”…and often those side effects are worse than the original condition itself.  Therefore, I have written a poem about a fictitious drug that I call “Zinzineeze” (Zin-zin-ease)(because all the new medications have ridiculous names)

Go ask your doc ’bout Zinzineeze
it’s guaranteed to stop your sneeze
You’ll find that you are much more bold
when you’re not sneezing from a cold
the side effects are very slight
they might keep you awake at night
they might make you have itchy feet
or possibly you’ll crave raw meat
and possibly they’ll make you cough
or make an ear or two fall off
your eyes might look like shriveled limes
or maybe you’ll commit some crimes
some studies show it gives bad breath
and sometimes slow and painful death
so go and ask a doc or two
if Zinzineeze is right for you!

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