Bio (Graph “E”)

Sorry, Graph “E” isn’t available…you’ll have to settle for some information about me instead.

When I was born, I was quite young, and not much of a record keeper, so those days are a bit of a mystery, even to me.

Much of the rest of my life is more exciting if I tell you what I haven’t done:  for example, I’ve never been the supreme dictator of a small country, nor have I ever been a super-hero.  Yes, I’ve lived a very exciting life in all the things I haven’t done!

Amongst the things that I have done…flipped burgers in two different fast food places, spent a summer assassinating dandelions, worked in a library, worked in a bookstore, pastored at a small church, and served as the personal body guard for the President of the United States of America (OK, that last one belongs to the category of exciting things that I haven’t done – especially since I’m a Canadian)

Currently, I get to be the Daddy to 3 wonderful boys.  I work full time as a “commodities re-location technician” (in other words, I’m a dispatcher for a small trucking company), and I’m currently writing a bit of sci-fi in a weekly article called “Asteroid Rake” (which you can find on this web page.

14 thoughts on “Bio (Graph “E”)

  1. What a witty introduction and an interesting occupational history! If it makes you feel better, I had an infatuation with Aladdin. Though, I’m happy to say I eventually moved on as well! Your writing is highly entertaining! Keep it up!

  2. From this day forth I shall think of you every time I am subjected to violins.
    I love your word play., but I have to say I disagree with you about human/cartoon relationships. Next you will be telling me that my relationship with Serenity, my mannequin, is not true friendship…

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