The war on maple bugs- part 9

When waging any war, never underestimate the importance of a propaganda campaign. Making the enemy look as inhuman as possible is the best hope you have of keeping your soldiers willing to slaughter those enemy beasts.  Of course, this is not too much of a challenge for me as my enemy is not human at all!

The maple bugs, on the other hand, are trying a rather unique tactic: trying to rob me and my army of our humanity.

Today, for example, as my wife was preparing to put a bouquet of Alstroemerias in a vase, an enemy tried to suck the joy of of the task by drowning itself in the water. It seems that they believe that suicide tactics will terrorize us into submission.

Any sort of buggy death
By their hand or by mine
Is one less bug to bother me
No matter how it died is fine!

There are no exceptions

We are taught from early on
that everyone dies
some lives are long, and others are short
but the truth remains fixed:
that everyone dies
some deaths are predicted:
“he has cancer,
and we estimate he has
six months to live”
and some lives are cut
tragically short
but we all know
that eventually, everyone dies

and yet, even though we all know
that everyone dies
we are left
gasping for air
and refusing to believe
that even our loved ones
are not exempt from the fact
that everyone dies


I’ll be sharing this with OLN at dVerse today.

The Room

It was obvious that once, the room had been quite pretty.  Now, though, the peeling paint, chipped furniture, and cracked window spoke of the room’s history.  This room was a metaphor of the occupant’s life since coming to this country.

She had come with so much hope.  How had things come to this?

how could she know
that his threats against her family
were nothing more than the wind
that howled just beyond her door?


Another response to Bjorn’s haibun prompt, where he has asked us to write about cities…and has encouraged us to write about the darker aspects of the city.  Human trafficking is, perhaps, one of the darkest aspects of any city.

The War on Maple Bugs – Part 8

Yesterday, while writing Part 7 on my encounters with the enemy, I was alerted to the fact that there was a saboteur in the next room.  One of the insurgents was crawling around the siren of our Early Warning System, seeking for a place of ingress so that it could disable one of the systems designed to protect us from certain types of attack.

Could it be that the insurgents have discovered the secret of fire, but are merely waiting until they have disabled our smoke detectors?

the disk that hangs upon the wall
to warn us all of fire…
could it be sabotaged by bugs?
now THAT would raise my ire!

The Drama of the City

I like to keep my Speaker tuned to The Drama of the City.  It’s not your typical drama, as you rarely hear more than snippets of any story…muted conversations that begin in the middle of a sentence and end in the middle of another…the sound of a siren, but hardly ever an explanation of the emergency…the slamming of a door or the honking of a horn.  Sure…it’s a strange sort of drama, but it’s the sort of thing you might expect to hear when your Speaker is the open window.

it may seem strange, but that car speeding past contains a secret story


at dVerse, Bjorn is having us write contemporary haibun that contain some element of city life.  With that in mind, an American Sentence seemed more appropriate to me than a I haiku.


The War on Maple Bugs – Part 7

It is a despicable soldier, indeed, that plants an IED.

Today, as we were getting ready to return home from a trip in our troop transport vehicle (a 2011 Kia Rondo), we discovered that the enemy was trying to destroy us with an IED.  That’s correct, we found a maple bug “Inside and Extremely Disgusting”.

It was pointed out to us by our 6 year old son…you’d think that he’d been traumatized enough by the bug that was preventing him from accessing clean drinking water (see part 6 of this series), but he bravely shrieked, “There’s a maple bug!”  When we asked “Where?”  He again told us “THERE!”  My other two sons were too paralyzed with fear to clarify the cryptic “there”, but then the IED crawled over the top of my wife’s head-rest to a point where I could finally see it.  I was able to grab it and toss it out of the vehicle before it could cause any more issues.

driving is no longer safe
the bugs are everywhere
imagine, though the horrors if
it crawled in my wife’s hair