I looked for God on Facebook

I looked for God on Facebook
so I could know
what he was doing each day
but could not find him there

I looked for God on Twitter
so I could know his thoughts
moment by moment
but neither was he there

I looked for God on Instagram
so I could see the images
that He finds beautiful
and he was not there either

So finally I called
out to God in prayer
and asked him where on social media
he might be found

he told me, I am the God
of today
and of yesterday
and of tomorrow

I would be a friend to you
but never just a status
for you to read and then discard.

Come!” he said, “and walk with me,
talk with me, be with me,
abide with me,
but don’t reduce me
to a sound-bite.”


NaBloPoMo Day 20

Distractions – 333 Syllables for Trifecta

I decided to write a poem

of three hundred thirty three beats

I sat down on my couch at home

but got sidetracked by reading tweets

I stopped looked at twitter feeds

(three hours of my time it took)

started to think of my poem’s needs

but then I logged into facebook

I fin’ly forced myself to stop

concluding that my enemy

was things I saw on my lap-top

and so instead I watched TV

When I had watched a dozen shows

(not one word of my poem yet writ)

my groggy eyes began to close

I figured I’d nap for a bit

I while later when I awoke

I thought that I might fin’ly start

But I was thirsty for some Coke

So off I drove to the food mart

When I got back ’twas nearly noon

And I needed something to munch

I ate up my soup with a spoon

(my poem could wait til after lunch)

But when I was completely full

My eye was caught by something green

It was a periodical

And so I read the magazine

Lower and lower my heart sank

as afternoon came by and went

The page in front of me still blank

I couldn’t seem to make a dent

It took a while to grasp the fact

Procrastination was my foe

So I made with myself a pact:

Distractions simply had to go

So then I fin’ly buckled down

And wrote some lines about my day

The words I penned removed my frown

At last my poem was underway

Distractions?  A ton

Yet it was fun!

(And now it’s done!)


For the Trifecta weekly challenge, we are given a word and asked to write between 33 and 333 words using the the 3rd definition of that prompt word.  This week I decided to try counting syllables instead of words.  Hope you enjoyed my poem!

(By the way, the word this week is “grasp”)

Thorson Thorkelson The Thord – Part 23

the beginning of the story can be found here

“Hello?”  As she uttered the word, Bertha briefly pondered why people always began telephone conversations with that particular  noun, but quickly gave up that line of thought as she heard the voice on the other end of the line say, “Hi Bertha, this is Laura Daniels calling on behalf of Gordon MacAdams, the casting director for Bruce and Juliette.  After your call-back audition, the director and his colleagues spent quite a bit of time going over your audition, and that of Katherine Kohl.  Ariana did not have what they were looking for, but the panel had quite a difficult time deciding between you and Ms. Kohl.”

Bertha’s heart seemed to jump into her throat.  As anxious as she was to find out the results of the call-back, now that the moment had finally arrived, she wasn’t entirely sure that she was ready to hear the answer.

Laura continued, “You must be one incredibly lucky girl, Bertha!”  The panel voted, but had an even split of 10 votes each for you and for Ms. Kohl.  Of course, in a case like this, the director of the film, Mr. Larkin would have the final say, but he deferred the decision to the lady who wrote the original story, Janine Evans.  Ms. Evans agreed that both of you were fine actresses, but said that there was something about you that she really liked.”

It took Bertha a moment to process what she had just been told, but then she screamed into the phone.  “Sorry!!  I just got excited.  Hope I didn’t hurt your ears.”  As soon as she said that, she was even more embarrassed than she had been for screaming.  Laura just laughed and said, “I’m glad you’re excited!  And don’t worry about screaming…I’ll just switch my head-set over to the other ear for the rest of the day.”


After telling his dad that he loved him, something that Thorson hadn’t actually done for ages, he went back to his room.  He figured he’d spend a bit of time reading, but then decided to spend a few minutes and check facebook and twitter.  He was glad that he did.  Bertha had tweeted, “Been a good day. Had a good talk with a good friend, then got some really good news.”  There was also a private message to him from her.  It simply said, “I got the part!!”  He tweeted back, “Congratulations!!  Can’t wait to see it!”  Of course, he knew that it was going to be quite some time before it was ready to hit the big screen, but he was still immensely proud of her.

~~to be continued~~ (part 24 can be found here)

Thorson Thorkelson The Thord – Part 16

This is part 16.  For part 1, click here

Thorson was watching The Price of Milk.  It was one of his favourite cheesy movies, but this time, the watching of it was rather bitter-sweet.


It had been three days ago that he had logged on to his twitter account to see a direct message from Bertha.  It said, “Please call me.  you can call collect.  I’m Mrs. VonEngle”.  Then it listed a phone number.

Thorson had been understandably nervous.  Why did Bertha’s mom want to talk to him?  He immediately assumed the worst…Mrs. VonEngle was upset about the time that Bertha was spending on twittering, emailing, and skyping with him, and she didn’t want them to communicate any more…that would explain why Bertha had missed their skype date, and why he had heard nothing of her since…  He briefly considered ignoring the message, but then realized that that probably would make things worse.  So, with lead in the pit of his stomach, he picked up the phone and dialed…


At the end of the phone call, he was glad that he had not ignored the message…yet at the same time, the lead in his gut had, if anything, intensified.  Then he went to tell his parents about the phone call.  He had wanted to keep his friendship with Bertha a secret from his mom, but he knew that would be impossible now…so he took a deep breath and walked into the living room.  His mom was reading a Michael Chrichton novel, and his dad was hunched over the morning paper, circling every third letter to see if there were any secret messages hidden therein.

They both looked up from what they were doing as Thorson first told his mom about his friend, Bertha.  Then he told them both, as he tried to keep his emotions in check…and knowing that he would fail in the attempt…that Bertha had been in an accident.

He told his parents how Bertha’s mom had explained to him that the car that Bertha had been riding in had been broad-sided by a drunk driver.  The driver of the car that Bertha had been in escaped with only minor injuries, but their car had been hit on the passenger side.  Bertha had received some substantial injuries…in fact, she had been unconscious in the hospital for the last few days,  and doctors figured it might be a few months before Bertha would be able to walk on her own.  As her mom had sat by Bertha’s bedside, Bertha had occasionally spoken in her unconscious state, but the one word she uttered had made no sense to Mrs. VonEngle.  “Thord” was all that she ever said.  Bertha woken up that morning, and the first thing that she did once she was able to make herself understood was to get her mom to send Thorson the direct message that had led to the phone call.

The one up-side of the call was that Mrs. VonEngle thought that Bertha might be cheered up quite a bit if she were able to meet Thorson in person, so she offered to pay for air-fare for Thorson to fly from Regina to Seattle, and if his parents were worried about it, she would pay for one of his parents to accompany him if they wished…she couldn’t afford to pay for both parents though.

Fortunately, they already had passports, and Thorson’s parents decided that they could afford the one ticket that would be needed for all three of them to fly to Seattle.


So yes, it was bitter-sweet to be sitting here and watching the movie…sweet, because he was holding hands with the most beautiful girl in the world!…bitter, because he would rather have to communicate with Bertha via Skype and twitter than have her injured in a hospital room.


In two more days, Thorson knew that he would have to fly home again, but for now, Thorson and Bertha sat in silence as they held hands and watched The Price of Milk.

~~to be continued~~ (part 17 is here)

Thorson Thorkelson The Thord – Part 12 – Thursday

 click here for part 1.

When Thorson got home from school after a rather long Thursday, he opened his twitter account and started laughing almost immediately.  He saw that Bertha had tweeted: “Happy Thord’s Day :-)”  It wan’t a direct message, it wasn’t even an ” @” message.  It was a regular tweet that any of her friends could read, but at the same time, he knew that it was meant for him.

It made him feel special…and it’s nice to feel special!

~~to be continued~~ (part 13 is here)

Thorson Thorkelson The Thord – Part 9 – Skype

Part 1 is here

Thorson was crushed.  He felt betrayed…like his heart had been cut out with rusty surgical tools, dragged through gravel and stuffed, unceremoniously back into his chest.  It continued to beat, but it felt all wrong.

Despite the fact that he couldn’t really say that he knew Bertha (he had received one twitter message from her), he still wanted more…a friendship for sure, but ultimately, she was the girl for him…he just knew it.  So how could she have a boyfriend?  Who was this Sam guy?  How could he convince Bertha to get rid of him?  Thorson was so distraught that he avoided looking at his twitter account for a whole week…he couldn’t possibly bear to see any more of what Bertha and Sam were doing together…so he didn’t know that the day after “Sam” had taken Bertha out for Coke and icecream, she had sent him a direct message:  “Hey Thord! (can I call you Thord?).  What is your email address?  I want to answer your questions, but not enough room on twitter messages.”


Bertha wasn’t sure what to do.  Her one-and-only fan (and based on his letter, admirer) seemed to have cut him off.  He had asked her questions, but now that she had requested his email address, he wasn’t getting back to her.  She had waited a whole week…but nothing!  Had her rather superficial twitter reply turned him off of her?  Should she send him another message?  Should she wait a bit longer?  Whether or not there was a future for her with Thorson, she definitely didn’t want to lose her one and only fan!

Later that day, she received a Skype call from her best friend, Samantha.  When the conversation eventually turned towards Thorson, Bertha mentioned how Thorson was ignoring her message.

Samantha laughed and said, “he likes you, you dolt, but he’s jealous of your boyfriend.”

“What boyfriend?  Why would he be jealous of a boyfriend that I don’t even have?”

“Last week, after I took you out for Coke and icecream, you tweeted that ‘Sam’ had taken you out.  I suspect that he thinks I’m a guy.”

“What should I do?” asked Bertha.  “I don’t want to insult him by saying, ‘by the way, Sam is short for Samantha!'”

“You might not have to.  Just mention me in another tweet.  Use both ‘Sam’ and ‘Samantha’ in the tweet so that he knows that Sam is short for Samantha…or use ‘Sam’ in a tweet and then talk about ‘her’ or ‘she’.”

After ending the call with Samantha, Bertha logged on to twitter and wrote “Had a good skype call with Sam. She gave me some good advice (Thanks Samantha)”  Then she logged off and hoped against hope that it was just a misunderstanding, and that Thorson would actually read that tweet.


Her timing couldn’t have been better.  When Thorson finally decided to log back on to twitter, he saw Bertha’s tweet of only 1 minute ago.  He just about ignored it when he saw that it was about Sam again, but then saw the “she” part immediately after.  He still didn’t know who “Sam” was, but as long as Sam was a “she”, and that Sam was short for “Samantha”, then just maybe there was some hope.  When he checked his direct messages, his heart skipped a beat or two…but this time, it felt just fine.  He replied to her direct message with “Yeah, feel free 2 call me Thord!  My email is the_thord@hotmail.com.  Sorry I didn’t get back 2u sooner, I was off my computer for a week.”

He logged off and went to the kitchen where his dad was carving a fairly accurate replica of the Venus de Milo out of a potato while his mom was busy making dinner.  His dad took one look at him and said, “judging by that smile, I’m guessing that something good just happened?”

Thorson’s mom also commented, “You’ve been moping around all week…what’s been going on?”

Although Thorson had told his dad about Bertha, he didn’t quite want his mom to know yet.  “Um, nothing.”  He looked towards his dad, hoping that their secret would be safe.  His dad winked at him, and he knew that the secret was safe…for now at least.

~~to be continued~~ (click here for part 10)

Thorson Thorkelson The Thord – Part 8 – Twitter

if you want to read the whole story, the beginning  is here

Bertha hadn’t seen her friend Samantha for far too long.  From the time that she had started working on The Disaster, she hadn’t had the luxury of spending time with her friends.  Now that she was between films (hopefully between films…there was always the risk that she wouldn’t land any more roles), she was more than happy to hang out with her friends…of whom Samantha was one of her best.  Best of all, Samantha said that she was buying!

The two of them had a great time catching up.  Samantha told Bertha about her new boyfriend, and Bertha told Samantha about the fun, the struggles, the satisfaction, and all the other emotions that she had gone through in acting in The Disaster.  She also told Samantha about the one piece of fan-mail that she had received.  She even showed her the picture of Thorson.

“Not the best looking guy I’ve ever seen,” said Samantha, “but he does look friendly enough.  With that goofy grin, I bet he knows how to have fun!”

“Yeah.  It probably sounds silly to say this, but seeing as how he’s the only guy to ever send me fan-mail…and he seems so nice, I kinda wonder what he would be like as…you know…”

“What?  A pen pal?  Or…a boyfriend?”  The color that appeared in Bertha’s face confirmed that the second of these options was what she was thinking.

“Are you kidding?” asked Samantha…he lives up in Canada for Pete’s sake.  By the way…have you sent him a return letter?

“Um, no…not yet, but I did send him a message on twitter.

“Oh?  What did you say?”

“I asked him how he’s doing.”

“WHAT??  You didn’t answer any of his questions?…you didn’t ask him anything about himself other than ‘how are you?’.  You might as well have said, ‘it rained here today.’  He’s probably wanting a bit more than what you gave him.”

“Crap!  My one and only fan, and he probably thinks I”m a stuck up snob!  What should I do?”

“Get his email address…tell him a bit about yourself.”

Bertha felt pretty silly about her rather superficial tweet to Thorson, but she was determined to do something about that.  It was pretty late by the time that she got home, so her mom told her that she’d have to wait until the next day before writing any letters.  So she had to content herself with doing a quick twitter check.  She saw that Thorson had asked her how she was doing…but she realized his simple response was probably her own fault.  She was tired, so she wrote a simple tweet for her friends: “Sam took me out for #Coke and #icecream today.”


The next time that Thorson logged on to twitter, he was immediately jealous…even though he knew he had no right to be.  His worst fears had just been confirmed…Bertha had a boyfriend named “Sam”.

~~to be continued~~  part 9 is here

Thorson Thorkelson The Thord – Part 7 – Thorson Wonders What it Means

to start at part 1, click here

It had been about a week since Thorson had sent the letter to Blue Parakeet Pictures in the hopes that Bertha would get it.  He knew it would take a while for the letter to get to Washington, but that didn’t make him any less impatient.  He knew that he probably had his hopes way too high, but that didn’t prevent him from hoping and imagining.

He had had a bit of a rough day at school.  Normally a pretty good student, he knew he had probably flunked the math test he had just taken…who could study when he was hoping to get a response from HER?  When he arrived home, he opened up his laptop so that he could tweet about how horrible the math test had gone.  Once he had sent his tweets and read the last 50 or so tweets sent by his friends and the other people he followed, he clicked the “connect” button at the top…just in case.  He was rather surprised to see a message from someone who had the twitter handle “bertie_gertie”.  The message simply said, “how’s it going?”  The name sounded as if it should ring a bell, but for some reason, he just couldn’t place it…until he clicked to see the mystery person’s profile and saw that the bio read, “independent film actress…bearer of horrible name.”  Bertie Gertie was short for Bertha Gertrude!  She had followed him AND sent a message!  But couldn’t she have said more?  Maybe she was just following him to be polite.  She probably had a rather full schedule…she probably didn’t have time to spend on some guy she didn’t know.  Then a horrible thought struck him…”she’s so pretty, she probably already has a boyfriend.”

Then again, she wouldn’t have had to even respond.  He wasn’t sure what he should do…should he send her a response?  Should he wait for more from her?  He just wished that he knew what Bertha had meant by her rather simple “how’s it going?”  Was it an invitation?  Or was it a polite way of ignoring him.  He would have much rather have seen, “thanks for the letter…can I be your girlfriend?”  OK, he knew that was a ridiculous thing to hope for, but she could have given him a bit more.

Finally, he decided on sending her a direct message.  He simply said, “hey!  Good!  How are you?”  If she was just wanting to brush him off, she probably wouldn’t respond…but if there was any hope…oh PLEASE let her respond!

~~to be continued~~ (part 8 is here)

Thorson Thorkelson The Thord – Part 6 – Bertha

To start at part 1, click here

“This came for you in the mail today.”

Bertha looked up from the script that she was reading and looked towards her mom (also her agent), who was standing in the door with a small envelope.

After starring in The Disaster, she wanted to make sure that she didn’t stay off the screen for too long, so she was actively looking for parts that interested her.  She had lost count of the number of films that she had auditioned for…but until she auditioned for The Disaster, she had failed to get any roles.  Then, miraculously, she had gotten the lead!  She hoped that this would be the start of something big!  Of course, the film that she had been in was a rather low-budget, independent film, but sometimes that was how stars got their start!

Sure, she had auditioned before some of the major movie producers, and some of them even liked what they saw, but the answer was always something to the effect of “We can’t have a name like Bertha Gertrude showing up in the credits.  It’s just not a respectable show-biz name.  Go change your name and come back.

Bertha hated her name, and would have loved nothing better than to change it, but at barely 14 years of age, she wasn’t old enough, yet, to do this on her own, and her parents wouldn’t give their consent.  She felt that her name had closed quite a few doors for her.  She had been told, often enough, how pretty she was, but as soon as a boy who might otherwise be interested in her heard her name, any potential relationship was over before it even started.

Slowly, she got up and went to take the letter – having only been in one film…and an indi at that, she wasn’t exactly what could be called a screen star, so the last thing that she was expecting was fan-mail.  She looked at the return address…Canada!  From a place called…Armpit??  This had to be a joke.

She slid a fingernail under the flap and ripped the envelope open.  Out fell a single sheet of paper and a small picture of a boy.  He had a rather goofy grin…and a ton of  pimples…but he looked like a nice enough guy.  She read through the letter.  She laughed out loud when she read that his friends called him “Thord”.  Having a name like “Thorson Thorkelson” probably wasn’t too much better than “Bertha Gertrude”, she figured.  The best part about the letter was that “Thord” hadn’t made any comments about her name.  This guy didn’t seem too bad.  She looked and saw on the back of the picture that Thorson had written down “TheThord” as his twitter name as “ThorsonThorkels”.  So she logged on to her twitter account, searched for Thorson’s profile and clicked “follow”.  Then she typed “@ThorsonThorkels how’s it going?”

She spent a few minutes reading the tweets of the people she followed, then she logged out of twitter and picked up her script again.  For some reason, she couldn’t concentrate on it…at all.

~~to be continued~~ (part 7 here)