“It must be Thursday,” said Arthur to himself, sinking low over his beer, “I never could get the hang of Thursdays.” – Douglas Adams in Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy

The fan hums hypnotic over at the edge of the room
and a fat fly buzzes back and forth in nonsensical flight
(how can a bug that big fly for so long without ever seeming
to stop to rest its tiny wings?)
clicking of keys and shuffling of pages punctuated
occasionally by the distant ringing of a phone somewhere…
outside, the air is humid and hot
it seems that everything is torpid
and begs for the occupants of this day
to take naps, but we really don’t have the time
to sleep when bulldozers are racing
to destroy your house before
the world implodes.


a bit of feeling lazy combined with a bit of Douglas Adams.  Posting this for dVerse OLN

Today Was Destined to be Different

It was a typical Thursday.

The sun, as is its wont,  rose in the east.  The smell of coffee and oatmeal greeted me as I walked into the kitchen.  My wife smiled at me and came to give me a good morning kiss and hug.  This day was beginning just like any typical day.  No reason why anyone should think that anything should be different than usual.  Today was destined to be different, however.  I knew that, even if nobody else did.

As I extracted myself from my wife’s embrace, I told her that I had an errand to run, so I might be late for supper.

After a quick breakfast, I went into the garage, fired up the car and went to work.  At work, I answered some calls, filed some reports, and turned a few bucks of profit for the company.  Same old, same old…and yet I knew that today was destined to be different.

When quitting time came, I said the customary “have a good evening, see you tomorrow” to my co-workers, headed out the door, and went to do my errand.

As I pulled up to Centennial Bank, I smiled.  Here was where the day was about to become different.  I was planning on making a rather large withdrawal from an account that my wife knew nothing about.  Boy would she be surprised!

Moments after I walked through the door, clouds of gas began to fill the bank, and everyone around me began to lose consciousness.  It was clear, even to the most unobservant person that a robbery was in progress, but it was OK.  I was already wearing my mask.

Written for Trifecta.  This week’s challenge was to use  the 3rd definition of the word “mask”

3: a protective covering for the face

Thorson Thorkelson The Thord – Part 12 – Thursday

 click here for part 1.

When Thorson got home from school after a rather long Thursday, he opened his twitter account and started laughing almost immediately.  He saw that Bertha had tweeted: “Happy Thord’s Day :-)”  It wan’t a direct message, it wasn’t even an ” @” message.  It was a regular tweet that any of her friends could read, but at the same time, he knew that it was meant for him.

It made him feel special…and it’s nice to feel special!

~~to be continued~~ (part 13 is here)

Days of the Week

For those of you who have ever wondered how the days of the week got their names, you could probably find out the truth from web-sites such as Wikipedia.  However, I would like to give you my Alternate Take on the origin of the names:

Monday – a cultural day that celebrates the way Jamaican’s greet each other.  Hey mon!  It’s Mon Day!

Tuesday – or Two’s Day – the only day of the week named for a number.  The number 2 was probably chosen because Tuesday is the second day of the work-week for most people.

Wednesday – or When’s Day – the only day of the week named for the 5 W’s.  Since a day is a period of time, it is not a who, what, where or why – it is a when.  Hence “when” was the chosen W for Wednesday

Thursday – originally Thirst Day – the first of two days set aside to celebrate appetite – in the case of Thursday, beverages are the item of celebration.

Friday – or Fry Day – the second of two days set aside to celebrate appetite – Contrary to popular belief, Friday does not merely celebrate French Fries (although the folks at McDonald’s would probably like you to think so), but the day celebrates all foods fried – whether on a skillet or in a deep-fryer.  The name was nearly Greezday (Grease Day), but it was thought that too many people would mistake the day for automotive grease or the country of Greece.

Saturday – or Sitter’s Day – named for the fact that, as the first day of the weekend, people could enjoy sitting around and watching TV.

Sunday – the only day of the week that was not named after anything at all.