Napowrimo 2018 – Day 3

At, we have been encouraged to make a list poem of “made up titles”. Here’s mine:

A List Poem of Imagined Movie Titles Based on Stuff Strewn Across My Desk

Adventure Pics like “My Blue Pen” are rarely ever shown
‘Cause most folk prefer comedies like “Staplers That I’ve Known”
“My Calculator Glows with Glee” is showing all this week:
(a foreign film with subtitles, but all the talk is Greek)
“Green Highlighter”: a thriller film will keep you up at night
but if you prefer romance, then see “Paper Sheets of White”
My fav’rite flick I’ve seen all year is “Six Line Telephone”
it is a documentary that stars one Sly Stallone
Of course, there is “My Desk’s a Mess” – a true biography
you wonder who it is about? Well clearly, it’s ’bout Me!

I take my cue from my stapler

I take my cue from my stapler
which flies no spacecraft
nor wrestles in mud
nor speaks in obscure tongues
it does not eat seaweed
nor understand calculus
nor run marathons
Oh yes, my stapler and I
do not do
many things in common


a bit of nonsense for your Monday amusement. Written for dVerse, where the quadrille prompt today is to use the word “cue” in a 44 word. Today is also Day 7 of NaBloPoMo (National Blog Posting Month)