Psalm Sunday – Psalm 5

I love form poetry. I love the discipline of restricting my words to a set meter and rhyme, and so I rarely write free verse.  I was hoping to write a rondeau for Psalm 5, but everything seemed too forced.  I started writing in other forms too,  but nothing seemed to come together (hence why I didn’t post anything last Sunday).  The fact that nothing would come together caused me to believe that God wanted me to meditate more on this particular Psalm.  So I ended up going in the free verse direction so you can see some of what came to me in my reading and rereading of these words of David’s.


Was David speaking of himself
when he spoke of his enemies?
Was he, himself, the wicked one
that God must surely hate?
Were arrogance,deceit and malice
vices that he struggled with?

I wonder, Lord, for when he asks
to be led down straight paths
he says to you that it’s because
of enemies he faces

And I, oh Lord, like David know
that you detest all forms of sin
and sin abounds within me Lord, and yet…

Because, oh Lord, of your great love
I can come bow before your throne
and though my sin is as a grave,
yet still Lord, I can come to you
and sing for joy…
…for you give me new life


I cannot fathom the idea of sinlessness –
my life is permeated with sin
Thoughts go astray that I do not rein in
I take actions that I shouldn’t
(and don’t take actions that I should)

Even the good that I do is
too often sullied by a
desire for praise
or a sense of self-righteousness

I am like a land
blanketed in thick smog
for the last thousand years
where no eye has seen
the blue of the sky
nor can they imagine it

so how can I fathom
that the one who was sinless
would wear as a cloak
all my filth
so that I
can truly be clean?

my heart cannot hold
the amount of thanksgiving
that is owed to my Saviour
for his gift
his unimaginable gift
his indescribable gift
his unfathomable sacrifice

for what kind of sense does it make
for the whole to be shattered
to mend the fragmented?
and yet somehow
that’s exactly what happened!

Ten Thoughts On Sin


a small stone
does not merely impact
the water where it strikes
but creates ripples
felt for
a great distance around

you can stab
and slash
more deeply
with actions
than with knives

I once bought some strawberries
and noticed that there was mold on one
I decided to deal with it later, but
before long they were all ruined

Your garden may seem pristine
but don’t drop your guard
or it will soon be
over-run with weeds

looking tasty
does not prevent a poison
from being a poison

I wondered:
would the bear trap be sprung
if I stepped on it.
It was.

a man made a statue of himself
so that everyone would see
how great he was
soon the pigeons came
and covered the statue in filth
and then what everyone saw
was much closer to the truth

the room looks empty
when the lights are on
but only because
the rats are hiding

a hornet seems small
until it stings

There is only One
who can wash me clean
but first I must admit
that I am not


sharing with NaPoWriMo

I’d like to think…

I’d like to think
that the shadows of history
wouldn’t have been cast by me
had I been there
at those crucial points of the past
yet I wonder
will future generations
look and say,
“what long shadows he cast…
thinking he was enlightened?”


Today at dVerse, we are playing with shadows.  This prompt got me thinking: all the sins of history are easy enough to condemn…but had I lived at the time, knowing only what my forefathers knew at the time, would I have been any better? Will future generations condemn this generation for sins that we are committing without realizing it?