Psalm Sunday – Psalm 2

My response to Psalm 2 is a slightly modified villanelle form


Rise up oh nations. Rage and march to war
Rebel against the Most High if you dare!
Wage your battles before you are no more

What is it about goodness you abhor
That you plot violence in your hidden lair…
Why nations, do you rage and march to war?

Your plans are foolish – facts that you ignore
Your force is weaker than you are aware
(So) wage your battles before you are no more

God’s laughter shakes the world down to its core
His wrath is kindled, peoples, so beware
Oh nations, must you rage and march to war?

Like a clay pot that’s thrown to the floor
Will be your army: shattered earthenware
Wage your battles before you are no more

Turn to the one the whole earth should adore
Lest God, to you in anger should declare:
“Rise up, oh nations. Rise and march to war.
Wage your battles. Soon you will be no more.”

napowrimo 2018 – day 20

At, we have been encouraged to write “rebellious” poetry – that is…poetry that speaks of rebellion, OR…a form that in some way breaks rules. One common rule in English is to write your sentences from left to right. I’ve decided to reverse that. I couldn’t figure out how to make the letters backwards too…so a mirror won’t quite help with reading this. I hope you have as much fun reading this as I had writing it!


mrof ruoy eeS .rorrim eht dloheB
mron eht s’ees uoy tahw taht kniht uoY
ees uoy ecaf eht wonk uoy od tuB
?em yb nees sa ecaf ruoy ton sI

esrev siht ekil si ees uoy ecaf ehT
!esrever ni uoy setirw rorrim ehT

Bad For Your Health


Image Copyright -Claire Fuller

The sign said, “NO SMOKING IN WORKSHOP”.

Oscar always thought that sign was ironic.  After all, they were making cigarettes for export!

He looked around.  His co-workers were still on break, so in defiance, he lit-up and took a deep breath of smoke.  It felt so wonderful to rebel!

It took a few months before his vision became blurry.  A few months later, he lost control of his muscles.  Within a year, he was quite dead.

How was Oscar to know that the cigarettes were the Government’s secret weapon against the nation soon to be invaded?


for Friday Fictioneers where once a week, Rochelle Wisoff-Fields gives us a photograph, and we get to let our imaginations run wild and write a 100 word (or there-abouts) story.


A good portion of your life

was spent behind bars

for your rebellious acts

against the government


you never backed down though

never apologized for that rebellion

and so you sat in a cell

year after year


yet you rose from prisoner to prince

to lead that nation away from apartheid

Mandela:  you’ll be missed!


a 55 word poem written for dVerse