Psalm Sunday – Psalm 4

When my children were younger, my wife and I taught them to recite Psalm 4:8 as part of their bedtime routine. “I go to bed and sleep in peace, because, LORD, only you keep me safe.” (New Century Version). This is a promise that I still often repeat…especially if I am facing stress or worries.

In this psalm, The Psalmist speaks of enemies and their lies, but also speaks of how he is able to sleep in peace because of the confidence he has in God. I wanted to reflect that in today’s poem. The last 2 lines of my poem repeat (as closely as I could stay to the NCV rendering as I could within my chosen meter) and expand upon Psalm 4:8. The form of the poem is called a “Fourteener” as there are 14 syllables per line.


To sleep in peace, Lord, Ah! That is a treasure worth much more
than all the gold and riches that the evil have in store
They scheme and plot to try to steal the things another built,
but in the end they only gain an ever deep’ning guilt!
Lord, what I have may be no more than I need to get through,
yet I have joy, for I have found contentment’s found in you!
“I go to bed and sleep in peace”, I need not fear the night
“For only you, Lord, keep me safe” until the morning light

I don’t understand war

Written to commemorate the 100th anniversary of The Armistice:

I don’t understand war
I’ve never pointed a rifle at an enemy
Nor faced the barrel of an enemy’s gun
I’ve never felt the impact
of a nearby bomb explosion

I don’t understand war
I’ve never been forced to scramble
For a mask to save myself
From mustard gas
I’ve never felt shrapnel
Bite through my skin
From a hand grenade

I don’t understand war
I’ve never fought hand to hand
Knowing that the victor would live
But the loser would not
I don’t understand war

I don’t understand war
Because there are men and women
Who have faced bullets and bombs
Hands grenades and knives
Gas attacks and more

To those men and women who understood war
So that I don’t have to
Thank you that
I don’t understand war.

Song of Fire -Part XIV

After spending time by the flames of gold
we are keenly aware: there is a surge
of sadness that comes from parting. We’ve told
our tales and sung our songs, and though the urge

to remain might be strong, the time has come
to say goodbye and take our leave. Around
the circle, hugs are shared, and there are some
tears in almost every eye. A profound

silence now inhabits the space where song
and laughter were so recently heard. Go
now in peace. Although it might seem a long
time before we’ll see our friends again, know:

Soon we’ll meet again by the fire’s flare
When it’s dark and there’s a chill to the air

Napowrimo 2018 – day 14


In some places, there is peace…so I hear
Where people like me can be free to dream
But peace is a rumour you won’t find here

I wish that I could find a soothing balm
To take away the pain of my nation
But more likely, all I’ll find is a bomb

Indeed I hope to one day live in peace
In a healed land restored to unity
But instead we are fractured piece by piece

Perhaps some day the conflict will be through
And former enemies will become friends
But today, even I took rocks and threw

How is it that we have becomes so cleaved?
We need some glue so we might become cleaved.


Off prompt today at in each tercet above,the first and this lines end with homophones. The final couplet has each line ending with “cleaved”…but used with opposite meanings (cleave can refer to splitting apart and joining together, making this word its own opposite)

Psalm for Times of Peace

You are quiet
Your voice I hear not
And in silence I suffer
Longing to hear you once again

O why do you keep your lips pressed closed
When I am drowning in the quiet
And a word from you would be
Breath in my lungs to sustain me?

It is not so much your reticence that
Has doomed me to suffer this disquieting quiet
But my own foolishness
For when you have spoken I have not been keen to listen
Release me from this hostile peace
And I will open my ears to hear


a free verse sonnet for dVerse

Pieces of Peace

is every act of kindness just one piece
of efforts to bring to this world some peace?

does something done in anger mar the chance
that in this life we will ever see peace?

are unkind words like a puzzle
that is missing a critical piece?

I ponder, sometimes, what I am doing
to bring to those around me more peace

or am I wasting my time in a pointless
and futile quest4peas?


my attempt at a Ghazal for NaPoWriMo. I tried to have a bit of fun with my blog title.

The Poetic Sparring Dummy


a sparring dummy stands with grace
while boxers come to beat his face
but maybe somewhere deep beneath
that sparring dummy wants some peace

“oh would,” he wishes “someone fine
come tape upon my chest a sign
that begs, for me, a gent’ler touch
for really would that be too much?”

that sparring dummy’d have you know
that though he may look grim and slow
within his chest is not some hole
he truly has a poet’s soul

(except that, with an arm or two
he’d beat those boxers black and blue)


a bit of silly fun. I couldn’t help but snap this picture when I was walking through a sporting goods store and was amused by the sign. Sharing this with dVerse for Open Link Night