Napowrimo 2018 – Day 3

At, we have been encouraged to make a list poem of “made up titles”. Here’s mine:

A List Poem of Imagined Movie Titles Based on Stuff Strewn Across My Desk

Adventure Pics like “My Blue Pen” are rarely ever shown
‘Cause most folk prefer comedies like “Staplers That I’ve Known”
“My Calculator Glows with Glee” is showing all this week:
(a foreign film with subtitles, but all the talk is Greek)
“Green Highlighter”: a thriller film will keep you up at night
but if you prefer romance, then see “Paper Sheets of White”
My fav’rite flick I’ve seen all year is “Six Line Telephone”
it is a documentary that stars one Sly Stallone
Of course, there is “My Desk’s a Mess” – a true biography
you wonder who it is about? Well clearly, it’s ’bout Me!

Muddy Footprints

muddy footprints tracked
through the house are forgiven
in a fire-ravaged land


I just heard a report that enough rain fell in the Montreal Lake region of Saskatchewan that there are puddles, and the ground is muddy. This is one of the areas that has been affected by the northern Saskatchewan wild-fires. I would imagine that mud tracked through a house there might be seen as more of a blessing than a mess.


his face and hands
besmeared with spaghetti sauce
spoke of a child’s innocence
and the joy
of a good meal


today at dVerse, Brian is challenging us to write poetry of 40 words or less. I managed 20. I wanted to capture a bit of a “picture” with this one.

My Desk

Tony Maude over at dVerse has given us links to some of the prompts from over the past 6 months.  As I have not personally been with dVerse that long yet, this gave me the opportunity to try a prompt that I hadn’t done yet.  I chose to do a List Poem about my desk.

My desk it is cluttered with so many thing

a stapler, a ruler, a binder with rings

paperclips, highlighter, empty pop-can

kleenex box, coffee cup, book with a plan

papers (assorted) all over the place

(of my desk’s surface there’s barely a trace)

a big calculator with buttons galore

do I have pens?  At a glance I see four

an e-reader (black) with an Angry Birds app

an old rubber band that is likely to snap

a can of compressed air, granola bar snack

a big sticky ball of that stuff called “fun-tack”

some magnets, some headphones, a phone number book

a keyboard, computer, a mouse, and, Oh Look!

a note that says, “Clean me”

….yeah….that’s not gonna happen


The Law of Childhood

I’ve come to the conclusion that there is a law that applies to children.  OK, there are many laws that apply to children (and the same laws often apply to adults too, but they are especially applicable to kids).

I have two boys.  the younger of whom would describe himself as “Four and three-quarters years old”  Apparently 4 and a half won’t cut it!  Yesterday, as we were grocery shopping, he spied the watermelons.  He LOVES watermelon.  So he was instantly asking if we could buy some.  Now, we haven’t had this particular fruit for a while, so my wife and I agreed that this would be a good choice for dessert for that evening’s supper.

So we sat our boys down for a highly nutritious supper of corn-dogs (contain the food groups of imitation meat, over-processed starchy vegetable, and most likely some sort of dairy byproduct) and then watermelon for dessert.

Now.  Let me back up a few days…on Sunday, we got together with my wife’s family to celebrate Mother’s Day.  Since we probably won’t have the chance to get together with my in-laws again for a while, we also celebrated my two sons’ upcoming birthdays.  My mother-in-law keeps us well stocked with new outfits for my ever-growing kids, so these gifts of garments do a great deal to keeping us out of the poor-house!

Back to yesterday’s supper:  My younger son ate his supper and greatly enjoyed his watermelon.  My wife and I were out of the room at the time that he consumed his dessert, but when he was finished, he came into the room where we were.  It was at this point that we realized: “he’s wearing one of his new shirts!”  It had been a white shirt with blue stripes.  Now it was a white shirt with blue stripes and LARGE pink stain.

So…the law of childhood that we realized at this point is this:  “The age of the article of clothing worn is always inversely proportionate to the messiness of the meal consumed”

OR, you could take from this the following parenting tip:  “If your 4-year-old is wearing a new shirt, it’s a good idea to remove it before he starts eating watermelon!”