Is my value as a human merely based
on the colour of my carcass?
Is there no intrinsic value
in what lies beneath my pelt?
Is my hide all that matters?
Will you say that a coat of black
is worse or better than a coat
of white or brown or red?
Peak beneath my skin
and see who I really am
Let me see you for more
than your colour
or let me be flayed
and tanned
for if I am no more than the
tone of my flesh,
I am merely an animal
to be hunted and
turned into leather.


Recent violence that appears to be racially motivated, and a history of marking people as “good” or “bad” based on nothing more than their exterior are the motives behind writing this piece. Usages of terms for animal skins is very deliberate, for that is what we are – animals – unless we can see each other for who we really are, and not just what we look like.

I’ve also decided to share this with Imaginary Garden with Real Toads, as it seems to fit the Sunday mini-challenge of something deep within a shallow world.

Reluctant to Reveal

Over at dVerse, Marina Sofia has asked us to write poetry about identity. Although I can be quite outgoing with those whom I know, I do find it difficult to get to know new people. The following reveals a bit about my reluctance to reveal…


Beneath the trimmings, what would you see
would you look close, or would you flee?
a dan’grous thing, one’s soul to bare
for what if you don’t really care?
or what if you should laugh at me?

Maybe, I’ll show you, by degree
and hope some parts will cause you glee
but you will see some horrors there
beneath the trimmings

I’d love to show you, and be free
so you would know what makes me be
I’ll tell you now, though, to be fair
reveal myself? I do not dare!
you’ll have to earn my trust to see
beneath the trimmings