Psalm Sunday – Psalm 8

Psalm 8 is probably my favourite of all of the Psalms. I love the night sky (especially on those rare occasions when I can get far enough away from light pollution to truly see it! This psalm always brings to mind the countless stars, and other astronomical wonders such as the Northern Lights.

However, as I meditated on this psalm in preparation to write this poem, verse 2 really caught my attention. The NIV (1985 edition) reads this way,

From the lips of children and infants you have ordained praise because of your enemies, to silence the foe and the avenger

This verse caused me to think about the wonder that children have in the world. Things that I take for granted, a child sees with wonder. I think it is probably easier for a child to praise God, because they can so clearly see the beauty in all that God as made!

The following poem is a Rondeau, and it is my thoughts on how children see the world


A child’s eyes are eyes that see
the world in all it’s majesty
a puddle’s worthy of the news
and life’s a mystr’y filled with clues
those eyes are awed so easily!

most adults, though, aren’t half so free
to see things as they’re meant to be
what is it, then, that makes us lose
a child’s eyes?

Lord, I confess, I’ve lost that glee
It faded from me by degree
from children, let me take my cues
so that my sight I’ll truly use!
Lord, once again, please grant to me
a child’s eyes

Dear Girl With The Curly Blond Hair

Dear girl with the curly blond hair
who was making those eyes at my son
my boy’s pretty shy, still, when he is near girls
so he might not, for you, be the one
you seemed like you might be quite sweet
when we passed in the grocery store aisle
I checked with my son if he’d ask you your name
but he shook his head. Not for a while.
Enjoy your youth while you can
Those childhood acts and scenes
too soon you will both into adulthood grow
but for now you are still both young teens.


While shopping, today, he passed by another family. One of the young girls in that family couldn’t seem to tear her eyes from one of my boys. This gave me the chance to tease my son a bit (not too much, I hope), but it was also a reminder that my son is quickly maturing into adulthood. Maybe a bit too quickly. I’m thankful that he’s not interested in romantic relationships yet…that’s another thing that will probably come far too quickly for this father to handle. So I can only hope that my son…and that girl in the grocery store…will both enjoy their youth while they can. Adulthood will come for both of them far too quickly.

Water – Part IX – Don’t Be Fooled

Don’t be fooled by the silent seeming pond.
Were we to submerge ourselves down below
the calm surface so we could look beyond
what we usually see, we’d observe so
much more. Sight alone, however, only
tells us part of the whole story. How will
eyes show the miraculous mystery
of photosynthesis? Do we have skill
enough to see, with our unaided sight,
the mono-cellular life forms that make
up a critical part of the mix? Might
“seeing is believing” be a mistake?
It’s easy to be blinded by our sight
Remember that there’s more than greets the light!


at dVerse, guest host Patti Wolf has asked us to write poetry that narrows our view to “a smaller portion of the world” This prompt seemed perfect for the sonnet cycle that I am currently writing.

The complete cycle can be found by hovering over theĀ The Elements – Sonnet Cycles tab up above, and then clicking on Water.