Psalm Sunday – Psalm 5

I love form poetry. I love the discipline of restricting my words to a set meter and rhyme, and so I rarely write free verse.  I was hoping to write a rondeau for Psalm 5, but everything seemed too forced.  I started writing in other forms too,  but nothing seemed to come together (hence why I didn’t post anything last Sunday).  The fact that nothing would come together caused me to believe that God wanted me to meditate more on this particular Psalm.  So I ended up going in the free verse direction so you can see some of what came to me in my reading and rereading of these words of David’s.


Was David speaking of himself
when he spoke of his enemies?
Was he, himself, the wicked one
that God must surely hate?
Were arrogance,deceit and malice
vices that he struggled with?

I wonder, Lord, for when he asks
to be led down straight paths
he says to you that it’s because
of enemies he faces

And I, oh Lord, like David know
that you detest all forms of sin
and sin abounds within me Lord, and yet…

Because, oh Lord, of your great love
I can come bow before your throne
and though my sin is as a grave,
yet still Lord, I can come to you
and sing for joy…
…for you give me new life


“They’re evil.  No better than monsters”
is what the posters said
of our nation’s enemies
and at first, we were skeptical

But the government showed evidence that
they’re evil. No better than monsters
and we started to listen, not bothering
to see if the story had another side

And as the evidence mounted
we were convinced to take up arms, because
they’re evil. No better than monsters
We boarded ships and off we sailed to war

We didn’t care what atrocities we committed
in our war against our nation’s enemies
We’d swallowed the lies on those posters…and
we became evil. No better than monsters

In war, truth is the first casualty


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