Tummel of Zee

at dVerse, today, we are asked to write poems of celebration. I decided to go a bit Seussical.


Today is the day of the Tummel of Zee
when the Kippels all dance in the shade of a tree
and the Wapples play Looras upon their brass Tings
It’s the one day a year when the Zoopa Bird sings!

So come feast on For-Fa until you are stuffed
then listen to stories by Baron Von Zuft
stay up passed your bedtime, till moon number two
appears in the sky by the Tower of Snoo

Throw off your Pattarkin and put on a Tace
no need to wear scowls or frowns on your face
come celebrate here on this twelfth day of Cee
for today is the day of the Tummel of Zee!

You are a mover of words

You are a mover of words – Fortune from a fortune cookie

You’re a mover of words with the things that you say
and you move lots of words with your lips every day
oh those words carry power as they move about
even when they’re a whisper instead of a shout
with your tongue and your teeth you can tear down and rip
loose lips have been known to sink many a ship
but a kind word well spoken to someone in pain
can soften the hurts that they feel in their brain
so choose your words careful that fly from your face
would you cause great harm, or will you show great grace?


I was in a bit of a Seuss-like mood when I composed this.  The meter, and even some of the words are very light-hearted in nature, but I hope that my more serious intent shines through the levity.  I speak as much to myself as any of my readers, as far too often, I don’t take the time to choose my words with care.

Written for dVerse, where we are celebrating Chinese New Year with poems inspired by fortune cookies (fortunes provided by the hostess, Toni.  I accidentally mis-quoted the fortune, and didn’t realize this until after I had written my piece.  I hope that I’ll be forgiven for going “off-script”.

The Colours of the Day

Dr. Seuss wrote a fabulous book called My Many Colored Days.  This book is rather atypical when compared to Dr. Seuss’s regular style, but I think it’s one of my favourite of his books.  It compares different emotions to different colours and is, I think, a wonderful way of helping children to express how they are feeling.

Abhra’s prompt at dVerse reminded me of this book, and so I wanted to give it a bit of a “shout-out”

I am not Dr.Seuss, so I doubt my poem today will measure up to that master’s works, but, well…you’re stuck with me anyways!  🙂

sometimes my day seems bleak. BLACK!
starting with fixing
the mistakes of others
while more and more items
pile up on me,
clamoring for my attention
forcing me to
silently scream in purple
while a wave of dark-blue emotion
stifles my urge
to be productive.
I long for the light-blue
of open sky
as I flee from
the bruise-shaded hues
of a miserable day
and embrace
the vivid orange
that is the colour
of LIFE!

(If you know me well enough, you’ll know that for the last couple of decades, I’ve been fond of saying that “Life is Orange!” I’m not sure why life is orange…it just is!)  🙂

Perhaps there’s good reason that “Orange” doesn’t rhyme with anything

When I heard there are no words that rhyme well with orange
I decided to make one and so I said “Splornge”
Well as soon as I said it my Splornge came to be
It was hairy and short and as ugly can be

Before long that Splornge ran right out of the door
And I thought that the Splornge was gone for-ever-more
Oh if only my think had turned out to be true
For my Splornge had a mischievous streak, maybe two!

But before that odd Splornge made its way out my place
he had picked all my pockets with skill and with grace
And he’d gone through my fridge and he’d spilled my root beer
And with black felt tip marker had writ, “I was here.”

Then he hot-wired my car and he drove out of site
and the cops had to chase him well into the night
but when they finally stopped him he’d snuck right away
so the Splornge hunt continued until the next day

And before too much time passed he’d held up three banks
he had stolen identities, pulled tons of pranks
But when Splornge hacked the Pentagon he’d gone too far
As if it weren’t enough that he’d stolen my car!

Well it took me some time before I made my plan
But I finally hatched one with my good friend Dan
We concluded there might be one way to stop Splornge
What I had to do was say that “naught rhymes with orange!”

The solution worked fine but I’ve still got one fear
For there’s one other colour without rhyme I hear
So whatever you do when you want to find rhymes
don’t end lines with “purple” and then you’ll do fine!


I wanted to write a poem in anapestic tetrameter. Dr. Seuss used this meter brilliantly, and I wanted to try to do something “Seussian”. Definitely doesn’t work as well as the Dr.’s works, but hopefully it still gave you a smile.
Written for dVerse Open Link Night