I wonder if you’d open up your door
if you already knew it was a ploy:
that he who knocks loves very little more
than doing things to break and to destroy?

for surely while your door is open wide
his henchmen use the moments that you stand
bewildered by the door to come inside
a window or the back door as they’d planned

or would you go and check your locks to see
that all your doors and windows are secure
and you would do all that you can to be
as safe as you can be, I’m pretty sure!

The Devil knocks to tempt each one to sin
why do we open up to let him in?


Based loosely on John 10:10

A door standing open

what is the meaning
of a door standing open
an invitation for one outside to enter?
an omen that one inside must leave?
does it matter
that the door was once painted blue
but has long since peeled
under the blaze of the sun?


This is my second submission for the “open” prompt at dVerse. Someone had commented on my previous submission that it started off very “red wagon” (a reference to a poem by imagist poet William Carlos Williams). I had not intended to emulated WCW, but I was still flattered to be compared to him. This poem is a more deliberate attempt at imagist poetry.

The Bedroom Door

Outside my door, the Monster’s lair
I wonder what he has in store
although it’s quiet, I know he’s there
outside my door

The Monster came when I was four
before that time he seemed to care
but now my father’s there no more

His anger comes out of thin air
he strikes me ’til I hit the floor
I’d run…but then…how would I fare…
outside my door?


This is, thankfully, not my story.  I won’t call it fiction, though, for there are far too many for whom this story is their reality…if not in whole, at least in part.  This is my second submission for the rooms prompt at dVerse.  I chose to write another roundel.

Light vs Shadow

sun’s luminous warmth
pouring light through the glass door
banishing shadow


Written for Anthony Desmond’s prompt at dVerse where he has asked us to write a poem using at least 5 of the following twelve words:   Messiah, Allegory, Luminous, Plate, Shadow, Door, Persona, Glass, Vitiligo, Epochal, Pernicious, Warmth.  I decided to see if I could jamb five of those words into a haiku that still made sense.

A Walk May Be A Risky Thing

Today at dVerse, Shanyn is having us write poems about the “rhythm of the road”.

I immediately thought of “The Old Walking Song” by J.R.R. Tolkien (in the Fellowship of the Ring).  If you are not familiar with this poem, check it out.  I can’t read/hear this poem without wanting to set out on a walking adventure of my own.  Family, work, etc. keep me from going on too long of walking expeditions, but maybe one day…

I wanted to write something in the style of Tolkien’s poem, and so here is my attempt…

A walk may be a risky thing
For it could take me anywhere
To places that will make me sing
Or have me quaking in great fear
And yet I find my feet have need
To tread upon a path brand new
So I’ll succumb and let them lead
The risk is surely worth the view

So I will step out of my door
And leave the comforts of my home
There are new places to explore
I’m not content unless I roam
Who knows what wonders I will see
Or who I’ll meet upon my way
The walking life’s the life for me
And shall be til I’m old and grey