Albert Einstein – A Clerihew

Scientist Albert Einstein
could do his math just fine
but the man didn’t care
one whit ’bout his hair


a Clerihew for day 14 of NaPoWriMo


Autobiographical Clerihew

a poet named Bryan
is constantly tryin’
to write poems that rhyme
but only succeeds some of the time


third submission to the clerihew prompt at dVerse.  Am I even allowed to do that? 🙂

A few Clerihews about the upcoming US election.

my apologies in advance…a few of these are not proper Clerihews, but they almost fit the form…I’m submitting these for the Clerihew prompt at dVerse.

the orange-faced candidate thinks he’s upper class
but when he talks, he sounds like a donkey’s…brash
braying. He make a lot of noise
but nothing useful ever comes of his voice


His friends (if he has any) call him “The Donald”
he’d look better without the toupee and went bald
he wants your vote for president
I wonder where the sane candidates went?


A reporter was talking to Bill
who said, “I think it would be a great thrill
if everyone voted for my wife, matey…
’cause that would make ME the first lady!”


in a different era, miss Hillary
might have been employed in a distillery
where she’d mix up the truth
with a large dose of vermouth.


(sorry…I’m a Canadian…but as I watch the upcoming American election, I’m truly worried about my friends to the south).