My Sisters Sure Were Lucky!

A while back, over at dVerse, we were asked to write Character Sketches.  Today we have been invited to write poetic self-portraits.  One of the poems that I wrote for the character sketch prompt happened to be a self portrait.  You can find it here if you’re interested.

Today, though, I want to write a different self portrait. I wanted to do something slightly egotistical (hopefully that’s not how people see me in real life, but hey…this is my poem, so I’ll do with it what I want! If any of my sisters read this, please feel free to agree with me, or at least don’t be too mean in the comments…


back in 1973
there were 3 girls. sisters.
daughters of one couple.
they didn’t realize it then,
but their lives were incomplete.
but then
in april
of that very year,
something happened…
something wonderful!
that would give
their lives
greater meaning.
they were presented
with a new sibling.
there was something
different about this sibling, though.
up until then
they always assumed
that sibling equaled girl
but to their shock
and to their horror
they were told
that the little bundle
held by their mother
…a boy!
and when they
got over their shock
they finally understood
that now, their lives
would be much better

that poor boy, though,
grew up without
every experiencing the joys
that his sisters knew…
…the sheer joy…
of having…
a brother

The Guy with the Beard

his beard, a bit scraggly
and with more than a hint of grey
protrudes from the bottom of his face
in indirect proportion to the hair-line
on his scalp

other than Sundays, you won`t see him
wear a dress-shirt or tie
he`s much more comfortable
in a baggy sweat-shirt and cargo pants

nothing makes him happier than getting a big
“squishy hug” from one of his kids,
or having one of them climb into his lap
and snuggle for a while

his face, bespectacled, and with
the beginning of wrinkles, isn’t exactly
what most people would think of as
“model material”, but he really doesn’t care

and his is the face that I see
every day
when I look in the mirror


I couldn’t resist writing another character-sketch poem for dVerse