napowrimo 2018 – day 28

Although I’d said the bridge could stay
I asked how one could stop the night
He said, “a bridge, for I’M the Way,
and as for dark? I AM the light!”

“your former wall that touched the sky
would sooner harm than save your soul
for it was built upon the lie
that earthly things could make you whole”

“your wall was built on naught but chalk
and blocked not dark, but stopped the dawn
This bridge is built on solid rock
for I’M the rock it’s built upon

though now I might face fear and strife
Christ’s bridge has brought eternal Life


my last two sonnets began a story, but I felt that the story remained incomplete. The story is still, perhaps, not complete, but I think that in these concluding 14 lines, I have more clearly said what was merely metaphor in the previous 2 sonnets.

napowrimo 2018 – day 27

my wall was now a crumbled mess
and to the world I was exposed
I thought that somehow I was less
“I must rebuild it” I supposed

but now, I thought, I’d try to find
a mason who could build the wall
to greater heights – a wall refined
and strong so it would never fall!

I found a man both kind and wise
who knew the craft – just o’er the ridge
He said, “a wall you would despise
so let me build, instead, a bridge!”

I had some doubts, I must confess
but with that bridge, I’m truly blessed


off prompt again for napowrimo. Today’s sonnet forms a sequel to the sonnet I wrote yesterday.

The Tale of Twisted Metal


Photo is of the Traffic Bridge (Victoria Street Bridge) in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan (Canada).  Since I took this photo, the bridge has been mostly demolished (see linked article).  It was the oldest traffic bridge in this City of Bridges (built in 1907).  It was condemned due to corrosion in 2010.  A new bridge will be built in its place, and is supposed to have the same general look, but will be wider than the original.   I loved driving across this bridge (my wife hated it), because it was so narrow that there was barely enough room to pass on-coming traffic.


twisted metal, rusting in a scrap yard
will anyone stop to open their ears
to hear the stories you have of a hard
life that lasted over five score of years?

you spanned the river shore to shore with pride
the only place to cross for horse and cart
and thus were three communities now tied
becoming one small city filled with heart

within a year, while you were still brand new
steamboat: City of Medicine Hat sank
where she struck your pillar while passing through
but you saw each come safely to the bank

I wonder as I pass and my feet slow
what stories, twisted metal, do you know?


at dVerse today, we are writing poetry using the word “Bridge”.  I didn’t use the word in my poem, but the poem is about a bridge.  I hope that works  🙂

The little things

a broken wire
damaged the strand

a damaged strand
weakened the cable

a weakened cable
compromised the bridge

a bridge collapsed
all from a broken wire


to be fair…one broken wire will not cause a cable suspension bridge to collapse, but if not inspected and maintained, eventually enough individual wires could lead to catastrophe

With Outstretched Arms

I wait with outstretched arms. I am a constant invitation, though I know that my guests come, only to say goodbye. What is given to my one hand is just as quickly removed from the other. My life is a zero-sum equation, for my purpose is neither to gain, nor to lose. I wait with outstretched arms.

and always
– beneath –
the river runs away


At dVerse, Grace wants us to write a contemporary haibun with “bridge” being the focus


two diverse branches

seemingly independent

thread of spider silk


Today’s prompt at Carpe Diem had to do with the Russian city of Perm.  My haiku may not seem to have anything to do with the prompt, but…the write-up spoke of, and included a picture of, a long train bridge leading to the city.  My thoughts turned to how bridges connect things.  I then began thinking about other things that connect, and how so many seemingly separate things rely on each other…or are joined in unexpected ways…so in a way, my haiku is connected.  🙂