Napowrimo 2018 – day 14


In some places, there is peace…so I hear
Where people like me can be free to dream
But peace is a rumour you won’t find here

I wish that I could find a soothing balm
To take away the pain of my nation
But more likely, all I’ll find is a bomb

Indeed I hope to one day live in peace
In a healed land restored to unity
But instead we are fractured piece by piece

Perhaps some day the conflict will be through
And former enemies will become friends
But today, even I took rocks and threw

How is it that we have becomes so cleaved?
We need some glue so we might become cleaved.


Off prompt today at in each tercet above,the first and this lines end with homophones. The final couplet has each line ending with “cleaved”…but used with opposite meanings (cleave can refer to splitting apart and joining together, making this word its own opposite)

My Hands

my hands are a blanket
to cover the ones I love
my hands are a teacher
to guide my children
my hands are a lifeguard
to pull from danger to safety
my hands are a balm
to soothe another’s pain

my hands are a storm
to pull apart and destroy
my hands are a garbage can
to throw away another’s dream
my hands are a blindfold
to conceal the truth
my hands are a weapon
to strike out in anger

my hands are a contradiction


NaBloPoMo Day 18