the inventor of the time machine,
Jonathon Raypel
Thought that it would be just grand
to meet one Alex Bell

he set the dials on his box
he'd have some real amazing talks
surely t'would be heaven!

when mister Bell he fin'ly met
he said, "let's take a ride"
it only took a few moments
to coax his guest inside

"two-oh-one-three" is where they cruised
Alex wanted to see
if his invention still was used
his face was filled with glee

when they got there thru' time afar
A. Bell was horrified
two cell-talkers were driving cars
and he watched them collide

the boys and girls he saw walk by
all had their heads downcast
as they sent texts, it made Bell cry
this result of his past

Jon asked "did you imagine this
when you made your first phone?"
"Certainly Not!  It's ludicrous!
Enough! Please take me home"

surprised by Alexanders's rage
Raypel took his guest back
"must be culture shock of the age
that brought on that attack"

he'd seen enough time's shifting sand
and stepped back in his room
he calmly grabbed a hammer and
his phone smashed with a boom

The future will be better, yeah
without abilities
to speak with those so far away
'cuz they're naught but zombies.


Written for dVerse
I actually wrote this for the "unplugged" challenge, but was too late to submit my link, so it was suggested to me that I submit for open link night.  Hope you enjoy!