Random Poetry…”At Montana’s”

At Montana’s™,
a poem on brown
paper is rash,
for at the end
of the meal,
the poem
ends up trash


a bit of “random poetry” that I wrote today at Montana’s.  I always wonder if the people who work there ever read what is written on the brown paper “table cloth”, or if it just ends up in the trash can.


napowrimo 2018 – day 25

contents under pressure
be careful with this load
don’t bump or jostle, jar or jolt
or this jar might explode
don’t shake or rattle hit or bang
don’t place it under strain
my mind’s the thing that’s pressurized
so please don’t jounce my brain
but if you can, please, find the valve
that makes the pressure stop
please open it, ignore the hissssss…
it’s better than a POP


our family has had a lot of things going on recently with our house. Today, one of those issues is (hopefully) going to be resolved…and hopefully will bring our stress level down at least a touch.
Written for the “warning labels” prompt at napowrimo.net


I worship not because my life is grand
Nor worship God because the sun is bright
I worship when I find I cannot stand
For God alone can guide me through the night

When sleep eludes my eyes
When black clouds fill the skies
When my soul’s rent with cries

I then must worship!

Napowrimo 2018 – Day 16


I went into the library
And thought it just a room
Until I spied upon a shelf
A book

I picked the book off of the shelf
And though it just some words
Until I started reading and I found
A world

I started to explore the world
Forgetting it was merely words
And soon I did not even know
That I was sitting in a room

I went into the library
Again another day
But this time knew that I would find
The universe inside!