The Peacock

the peacock struts about with tail held high
to prove his worth with ostentatious show
convincing those he can with his bold lie
that he is great, and others are below

his colors bright might seem to some to be
a thing of wondrous beauty to behold
but some who look upon him only see
an ugly thing with false veneer of gold

and those who look most closely on his form
might see that he is not, indeed, a bird
but just a donkey who, against the norm
is feathered now instead of simply furred

and though he’d have you think that he’s first class
an ass in fancy plumes is still an ass


any resemblance to a particular world leader is non-coincidental and purely intended


there is a fracture
where the bones won’t properly knit

bandaids and tourniquets have their place
crutches and canes have their uses
but for breaks, the bones must first be set
or they will join askew
and the pain will remain

the worst of it is
that each fragment of bone
blames another fragment for the break
and they refuse to be set
and they refuse to heal
and they refuse to be whole
for they think that the pain
of being set
would be worse
than the pain
of remaining fractured

there is a fracture
where the bones won’t properly knit
and the ache is intense


a few rambling thoughts on racism and how it fractures a nation. My nation. Your nation too. It’s easy to heap blame or to say “suck it up…those hurts were in the past”, but without understanding…without compassion…without reconciliation, the pain will remain, the pain will worsen, and the pain will cripple.


a map
marked with highlighters:
some areas marked with red
others shaded blue
and if you squint just right
so that the colors merge together
we see one nation
highlighted the tone of bruise
and I wish and hope
that one day
healing might begin
between the factions


another poem inspired by office supplies…but hopefully a deeper meaning emerges.

NaBloPoMo Day 9

(Also, of course, inspired by yesterday’s election in the USA.)

A few Clerihews about the upcoming US election.

my apologies in advance…a few of these are not proper Clerihews, but they almost fit the form…I’m submitting these for the Clerihew prompt at dVerse.

the orange-faced candidate thinks he’s upper class
but when he talks, he sounds like a donkey’s…brash
braying. He make a lot of noise
but nothing useful ever comes of his voice


His friends (if he has any) call him “The Donald”
he’d look better without the toupee and went bald
he wants your vote for president
I wonder where the sane candidates went?


A reporter was talking to Bill
who said, “I think it would be a great thrill
if everyone voted for my wife, matey…
’cause that would make ME the first lady!”


in a different era, miss Hillary
might have been employed in a distillery
where she’d mix up the truth
with a large dose of vermouth.


(sorry…I’m a Canadian…but as I watch the upcoming American election, I’m truly worried about my friends to the south).

Ten Reasons to Vote for Donald Trump

I’m a Canadian, so I will not be eligible to vote in the upcoming US election. However, I thought I would do a service to my American friends and outline the reasons why you should vote for The Donald

10. People with bad hairdos need a voice in Washington.

9. He’ll provide work for unemployed brick-layers in the construction of the Great Wall along your southern border.

8. You won’t need to worry about saying something stupid, as you will merely be following the example of your president.

7. Jell-o

6. He looks like he could launch a revival of the Three Stooges

donald Donald

5.  The next president will be much better

4.  You will no longer need to fear foreign spies on American soil…Trump’s mouth is so big that he’ll spill all of your nation’s secrets, so foreign governments won’t need to send any spies.

3.  You will be able to proudly (and truthfully) proclaim, “my goldfish is smarter than the president!”  (or if you don’t have a goldfish, substitute in “this piece of lint I found in my belly button” for “goldfish”)

2.  Comedians won’t be in any danger of running out of material.

1. Canadians have long believed that Americans are less intelligent than we are. I’ve always believed this to be an unfair stereotype, but if you elect Trump, you would prove that this is no stereotype, but is indeed the truth.

Prime Minister of Canada Sexually Assaulted in House of Commons

On Wednesday May 18, 2016, a disturbing incident took place in the Canadian House of Commons (as can be seen in the above video).  I have watched this clip a few times, and I have noticed something that nobody else seems to have realized.  Justin Trudeau, the Prime Minister of Canada, was sexually assaulted by Ruth-Ellen Brosseau, NDP representative for the riding of Berthier—Maskinongé, QC.  It is quite clear that by standing where she was standing, she caused her breasts to inappropriately come in contact with the elbow of Mr. Trudeau.  To make matters worse, Ms. Brosseau then chose to place the blame on the Prime Minister, when it was her breasts that were clearly impeding the path of Mr. Trudeau’s elbow.  I believe that Ms. Brosseau owes the Prime Minister, and for that matter, all of Canada, a sincere apology for her inexcusable behaviour in the House of Commons.

OK.  To be serious for a moment.  Do I actually believe that Brosseau assaulted Trudeau with her breasts?  Of course not.  I believe that about as much as I believe that Trudeau assaulted her.  The fact of the matter is, both Brosseau and Trudeau (and a number of other politicians) were in a place where neither of them should have been at the time.  All of those politicians who are standing on the floor in this video are not where they should be.  So…Mr. Trudeau and Ms. Brosseau, kindly stop acting like children.  Grow up, take your seats, and get back to the business of running this country.


This poem might not be about Donald Trump, so please don’t make assumptions.

When bubbles wear toupees,
I think the world’s insane
bubbles have a real thin skin,
inside, though, there’s no brain

Some folks seem to like those orbs
the way they bip and bop
I hope, though, that before too late
that bubble’s gonna pop!

Any resemblance to any politician and/or US presidential hopeful, living or dead, is purely…or at least possibly… coincidental

This is written for the dVerse “Quadrille” challenge. Today’s word is “bubble”.

On an unrelated note, here’s a picture of The Donald with his brothers. He’s the one in the middle (picture taken before he got the toupee)



“They’re evil.  No better than monsters”
is what the posters said
of our nation’s enemies
and at first, we were skeptical

But the government showed evidence that
they’re evil. No better than monsters
and we started to listen, not bothering
to see if the story had another side

And as the evidence mounted
we were convinced to take up arms, because
they’re evil. No better than monsters
We boarded ships and off we sailed to war

We didn’t care what atrocities we committed
in our war against our nation’s enemies
We’d swallowed the lies on those posters…and
we became evil. No better than monsters

In war, truth is the first casualty


At dVerse, Tony Maude is having us explore the tool of repetition in poetry.  Come on over and read some wonderful poems by some other wonderful poets…and if you wish, contribute some poetry of your own!