Shape…of things to come?

Sometimes what you do isn’t who you are
but it’s funny how what you do can
shape who you become in the end
so be careful what you do
lest it shape who you are
choose to do the things
that will shape you
into a


today at dVerse, we are writing about calling and vocation.  I work as a dispatcher in a trucking company.  At one point I would have never seen myself in such a position.  I took the job out of necessity and not desire, but the job has been such a blessing, and I have grown to love the job (having great co-workers really helps too!).  I recently celebrated my 10 year anniversary at this job…the longest I have ever been in one position…and I don’t anticipate any changes any time soon!  So yes, what I do has shaped who I have become.

I write this poem as both an encouragement to do things that will help you to become a better person, and a warning to avoid those things that will make you less…because I truly believe that we do become what we do.