A lonely sentinel stands alone
as pedestrians pass on by
a fresh coat of paint
cannot disguise the truth
that the world has moved on.
a phone booth
may be fashionably quaint
but with signals filling the sky
you might hear the complaint,
especially by the youth
that this obsolete box should be gone
and yet…
it’s sometimes nice when things remain the same
and I’m willing to bet
that some are glad that not all the old has been withdrawn.
Perhaps I sound uncouth
But perhaps a day will dawn
when one of us will start to fret
and feel great shame
that our cell battery is quite dead
and suddenly, we’ll be quite thankful for that box with the phone


At dVerse, we are writing poetry in response to photos by Totomai Martinez.  This is my second response to the prompt.

Note on structure (if you are interested):  I wrote the poem to a structure that I developed a short while ago called, “Five steps forward, 3 steps back”.  This structure is without meter, but the lines follow the following rhyme scheme: lines 1-5 each have a different rhyme sound, then lines 6-8 rhyme with lines 4-2.  Lines 11-13 rhyme with lines 3-5, and then add two new end sounds.  In other words, 5 lines of “advance”, 3 lines of “retreat”, 5 lines of “advance”…this style could, theoretically be used for an unlimited number of lines.  The only rule for ending the poem is that it end on the fifth line of an advance, and the final line of the poem must rhyme with the first.

A Pencil Has Two Ends

“You will be the same person in five years as you are today except for the people you meet and the books you read.”
-Charlie Jones

authors who wield their pencils with great skill
not only write words on their pages
but also, with those words,
they erase the barriers that surround
their readers’ minds



Image courtesy of Joel Robison Photography.

Today at dVerse, we are writing poetry inspired by the marvelous photographs of Joel Robison.  Thank you Joel for allowing us to use your images!




Nowadays, he went by “Howard”.  One of the biggest disadvantages of immortality was names – they kept changing.  If you didn’t want to stick out like Pegasus in a field of donkeys, you had to keep changing your name to keep up with the times.  Even this name was starting to get dated, but there were still enough Howards around that he wasn’t too concerned…at least not yet.

The thing that really had him concerned, though, was his occupation.  He was a blacksmith.  Always had been.  He couldn’t even begin to imagine doing anything else, but smithing was a dying art.  As it was, the only place he could find work was at a small museum dedicated to pioneering in Western Canada.

Back in the Golden Age…before he had left Greece, he didn’t have to hide his true identity.  He was, after all, one of the gods of Mt. Olympus.  He was worshipped by everyone, but especially by those involved in the smithing trades.  Now there were fewer and fewer smithies.  It was as if the ancient and venerable art of blacksmithing was falling through a crack and disappearing.

To make matters worse, the museum curator had just told Howard that, due to budget cuts, the museum smithy would now be just for show…as of the end of the current season, his services would no longer be required.


A tear slid down his cheek – a tear that felt as hot as the fire in the forge.  Perhaps it was time, after all, to change his name again.  Maybe he should even go back to his original name…after all, the ancient names seemed to be coming back into vogue again.

Yes.  That is what he would do.  He would change his name back.  Hephaestus.  Hephaestus the obsolete god.


Written for the Trifecta writing challenge.  This week’s challenge was to use the 3rd definition of the word, “crack” (as per the Miriam Webster Online Dictionary)

(photos taken by they author of this post at the Saskatoon, SK location of the Western Development Museum)

The Leprecon Book (The Leprechaun Book)

I’ve never had a guest post before, but when my six year old son wrote “The Leprecon Book”, I decided that I simply must share this!  His spelling is…well…about as good as a six year old’s spelling usually is, so I’ve included a “translation” as some of his words might be difficult to decipher otherwise.

The Leprechaun Book By:  Leodegan Ens

Illustrated by Leodegan

The Leprechaun scurried away!!!

Towards the pot of gold

But the GOLD!

Where was the gold?

Of course, it was in his pocket  (Ha Ha Ha)

ATV Safety

Although I’m not what one might consider to be an avid ATVer, I still feel that I have some invaluable advice to give so that those of you who are ATVers might be safer on the trails

If you look like this when you are riding, you may be going too fast.

If at any point during your ride, you look like this, you've most likely done something wrong.

If the brakes on your ATV fail, standing on the front wheels is NOT the recommended method of stopping your ATV.

Although it may sometimes seem like a good idea, studies have shown that portaging your ATV can lead to long term back problems.

Animals can also cause issues for ATVers.  For example:

You may encounter a gorilla on the trail.

If you encounter a gorilla, you will need to fight him for dominance. One of two things will happen...

The gorilla will most likely win (in which case he will steal your ATV)...

If you DO manage to beat the gorilla, he will become your slave for life. This can come in handy if you need to change a tire on the trail.

One more thing.  Remember…

Riding on the spine of a ridge can be quite exhilarating and rewarding...

but riding on the spine of a bear is NOT recommended!

So have fun…and safe riding!