Salt and Pepper

there’s salt and pepper at my temples
and salt and pepper in my beard
yes my hair’s colour proves that I
am getting older (as I feared)
and while it would be nice
to be youthful forever, I think
I’d miss that peppery spice!


for dVerse. Quadrille challenge is to write a 44 word poem including the word “pepper”.

Lawnmower Man



folks are hunkered down
in bunkers ‘neath the earth
but one brave dude still mows his lawn
and whistles tunes with mirth
“storms won’t stop my chores”
he tells his friends, “becoz’
I really want to go and meet
that wizard guy in Oz”


a few days ago, a tornado passed near the town of Three Hills, Alberta (Canada).  One brave (insane?) guy decided to continue mowing his lawn, and his wife took this picture.  When asked about why he would continue doing yard work, he told reporters, “I was keeping an eye on it”.  As far as I know, he wasn’t really hoping for a free ride to Oz.

Sharing this with dVerse, where the Quadrille prompt this week is to use the word “storm”


find them here and find them there
those tent worms are everywhere
watch them dangle from their threads
watch them land right in your hair

hear them pop beneath your feet
(or when you sit, beneath your seat!)
if you do not take great care
you’ll find them in your underwear!

wormy guts make highways slick
the sight of them, it makes me sick
those nasty worms are everywhere
the trees are very near to bare

find them here, find them there
there’s one crawling in your hair
yes, you’ll find them everywhere
here’s one in my underwear


OK…I have yet to find any tent worm caterpillars in my underwear, but they are nearly everywhere else…and yes, there have been reports of slick highways due to the shear mass of these caterpillars crawling across the roadways

Sharing this rather disgusting poem with dVerse…and hope that most of my readers have a less wormy environment than here!

An Ottava Rima about writing Ottava Rima

each stanza is just eight lines long, Okay?
there’s more you need to know though, you’ll agree
lines one, three, five will follow rhyme scheme “A”
and two, four, six – let’s call that rhyme scheme “B”
iambic pentameter is the way
to write Ottava Rima poetry
the final couple lines use “C” to rhyme
(now toss this poem – it isn’t worth a dime!)


at dVerse, we are writing Ottava Rima poems

Dryer Lint

dryer’s lint’s an echo of
stuff I like to wear
it’s little bits of thread and cloth
and ‘though there’s not much there:
the colour and the texture says
a bit about my stuff
but makes me wonder:
what’s bellybutton lint
an echo of?


“echo” is the word of the day for today’s quadrille prompt at dVerse


you, like me, know the name
of the one who is causing you
the most grief, the one
who is fragmenting your soul

I, like you, hope that my name
is not the one thought of
by too many people when they think
of who is fragmenting them

but that is the way of it
isn’t it?
that we would be willing
to cast another aside
but would not, ourselves,
be thus cast?

for what use
is a clay jar
after it has been
hurled against stone?


for dVerse OLN

Humpty Dumpty – alternate version

It is true I lack barely a thing
for that is my life as a king
I have horses and men to serve me
yet my vision is clouded when I see

that peasant who does not bow down
to me when I come to his town
I begin to suspect that this man
has hatched some diabolical plan

to see me, his sovereign and lord
murdered by him and his horde
but mark me! For I’ll have him fall
as if from the top of a wall

I’ll have my army attend
to him as if they would mend
him but I’ll have you know
their concern is but a show

for I shall instruct all my men
not to let that fiend rise again
they’ll feign regret as they leave
but I myself shall not grieve


the prompt today at dVerse is to write a dramatic monologue about a planned murder, using anapests as the basic metrical unit, and an aabb, ccdd, etc rhyme scheme. I didn’t manage the meter as well as I would have liked.