Witness to His Life – Our Response

The story of the birth of Christ
took place two-thousand years ago
and there are some who’d tell us that
it’s fiction, fantasy, or myth

And there are some who will admit
that yes, there really was a man
named Jesus, but he was no more
than that: a man who did good things

But who is this Jesus, really?
who do we believe that he is…
a good man, a teacher, a myth
or do we believe something more?

Are we willing, like the shepherds
and magi of so long ago
to seek the truth about this man
to know that he is our Saviour?

Will we join with the apostles
to be disciples of God’s son
obey Him, regardless of cost
and reflect His Light in darkness?

Oh Lord, let these words be true that:
“We are a community of
disciples who passionately
seek, obey, and reflect Jesus”


The last 3 lines of my poem is the vision statement of the church I attend. I thought that these were fitting words for a Christian’s response to the story of Christmas.

Poem is written in blank verse (although it contains metrical structure, it has rhyme scheme)

Witness to His Salvation – 4th Sunday of Advent (Simeon’s Song)

This child I hold upon my knee
I’ve waited all my life to see.
God’s spirit, many years ago
told me I’d see His Christ, and so…
I’ve waited. Waited. Patiently

He’s come to set God’s people free
but how He does this may not be
what you expect, and you must know
for you: pain will accompany
this child I hold.

The Light to this dark world he’ll be
Ah Lord! Thank you for letting me
meet Jesus! Now Lord, let me go
unto my rest, for now you’ve shown
me who will save humanity:
This child I hold

Witnesses to His Coming – 3rd Sunday of Advent (The Shepherds)

You should have seen the stars that night
against a sky so vast and deep
we’d never seen them shine so bright
upon us and our flock of sheep

But then came something so profound
we all forgot the stars were there
in fear we fell down to the ground
all of us in great despair

An angel of the Lord Most High
stood mighty, tall, and far too near
we all believed that we would die
until he told us “Do not fear”

And then he told us wondrous news:
the One that we’ve been waiting for
the promised Saviour of the Jews
is here! We have to wait no more!

Then suddenly the sky was filled
with angels singing praise to God
no human choir is so skilled
it left us breathless, thrilled, and awed

Then just as quick they went away
but we recalled what we’d been told:
we’d find Him in a trough for hay
and not a palace filled with gold

So off to Bethlehem we went
to find The One who’d bring great joy
The One whom God Himself had sent
the Saviour King…an infant boy

When we had found that manger bed
and met the Holy Promised One
ev’n memories of angels fled
for we had met God’s only Son!

Witnesses to His Glory – 2nd Sunday of Advent (The Angelic Host)

When Eve and Adam ate the fruit
that grew on the forbidden tree
all Heaven knew an evil root
had surely doomed humanity

The angels must have wept that day
to see perfection wrecked by sin
Did they think God would turn away
believing Hell had scored a win?

Could even angels comprehend
our Heavenly Father’s wondrous plan
to bring Hell’s power to an end;
of how He’d deal with sinful man?

Perhaps they thought that they’d be sent
upon the earth with flaming sword
where they would all be Heaven bent
on righteous vengeance for the Lord

Did any angel up above
anticipate the Mighty One
would counter sin and death with love
by sending to the earth His Son?

But I know that they rejoiced to bring
to shepherds news of God’s great grace
proclaiming birth of Christ the King
with songs of loud exuberant praise!

Witnesses to His Promise – 1st Sunday of Advent (Zechariah and Mary)

I have been asked to write a series of poems for our church’s Advent season. I thought I would share them here with my readers as well.

Today is the first Sunday of Advent, and the topic of our church service today is “Witnesses to His Promise”, and the two Bible characters being looked at are Zechariah (father of John the Baptist), and Mary (mother of Jesus).  I have written 2 sonnets…one from the perspective of each of the above mentioned people.


I’m Zechariah of the Levite tribe
and I am proud to be a priest of God
While serving in the Holy Place – I can’t describe…
what happened there still leaves me over-awed

My wife Elizabeth and I are old
our child-bearing years were long since done
and yet an angel came to me – and told
that soon I’d be a father to a son!

There’s nothing beyond God’s ability,
but that my faith is weak there’s no dispute
in my great doubt I asked, “How can this be?”
and for my disbelief I was struck mute

Until the birth of John: my precious son
who came to lead us to God’s Holy One!


God’s messenger Gabriel visited
He called me favoured!…Said I’d bear God’s son!
I don’t know why I was so privileged
that God made me his special chosen one

Though of Judah’s tribe and King David’s line
I, Mary, am a peasant.  Nobody!
and yet…I was chosen by the Divine?
to be the mother of Divinity?

I am betrothed, but still a virgin…so…
the angel’s words confused me.  In wonder
I asked “How will this be?” Although
I somehow knew, YES!  I’d be a mother!

Though all the earth’s too small to grant him room
The One who made me moves inside my womb!

Shepherds: Part 5 – Bethlehem (Christmas Day)

So they hurried off and found Mary and Joseph, and the baby, who was lying in the manger. When they had seen him, they spread the word concerning what had been told them about this child,and all who heard it were amazed at what the shepherds said to them. -Lk 2:16-18, NIV

All at the same time they began to talk
“Let us go and do as the angel said!”
They quickly found a safe place for their flock
that they might go and find the manger bed

In Bethlehem the shepherds found the boy
exactly as the angel had foretold
and when they saw him, they were filled with joy:
this was their Saviour promised from of old!

that night before the Lamb those shepherds bowed
those keepers of the sheep a Shepherd sought
and then they could not help but speak aloud
about that infant in his straw filled cot

The shepherds’ whole world changed that Holy Night
and so they shared the News with great delight!

Last Minute Shopping

Christmas shopping at the mall
I don’t know why I go at all
With lineups stretched from wall to wall
At this rate I’ll be here ’til Fall!

I’ll spend a thousand bucks or more
before I leave this crazy store
and it’s just one of 3 or 4
before I see my own front door

I need to find things for my boy
to fill him up with mirth and joy
some fancy game or nifty toy
(he’ll break it in a week, oy oy!)

I really only want to leave
why do I shop on Christmas Eve?

No Room

along a dusty road they trod,
a woman, donkey, man
they longed to rest their weary bones
when they reached Bethlehem

the man on foot held on the rope
to lead the laden beast
he hoped that soon, they could sit down
to sup upon a feast

the donkey plodded steady on
in hopes that soon the day
would come to end and he could rest
upon a bit of hay

the woman, on the donkey’s back
was gasping, for she knew
that they would barely reach the inn
before her babe was due

and when they fin’ly reached the place
where they would spend the night,
the trio, man, and woman, beast
were shown a dismal sight:

the inn was full, no room to spare
no matter how they plead
for not one guest was willing now
to give up of their bed

the keeper of the inn looked at
the couple, weary, worn
and said, “I have not room for you
except, there is the barn…”

and Joseph said they’d try next door
but Mary said, “we’ll stay,”
and then to Joseph said the words
“The baby’s on the way”

and so it came to pass, that night
that in a barn of sod
the King of all the world was born
the precious Son of God

Twelve Days: For the Birds

twelve days of Christmas
one hundred eighty four birds –
no longer true love


about the math:
birds were the gifts on days 1,2,3,4,6, and 7. According to the song, each gift was also given on all subsequent days after the first day that it was given. Therefore:

one partridge every day from day 1 through 12 = 12
two turtle doves, days 2 to 12 = 22
three french hens, days 3-12 = 30
four calling birds, days 4-12 = 36
six geese a laying, days 6-12 = 42
seven swans a swimming, days 7-12 = 42
total = 184 birds

I don’t know many people that want that many birds.

Top 10 fears of the average reindeer

As Christmas approaches, many people think of things such as reindeer (known as caribou in some parts of the world).  Here is a bit of educational information on the top ten things that reindeer are afraid of.

10.  Wolves.
9.  Pixie Dust.  They’re afraid of heights.
8.  Yellow Snow
7.  Jell-o
6.  Being mistaken for caribou.
5.  The colour red
4.  Genetic experimentation that might cause their nose to turn red.
3.  Bells
2.  Slavery
1. Santa Clause (see A Reindeer’s Perspective)