I might be a mutant

I may be a mutant, but you’d never know
there’s strange things about me that mostly don’t show
abilities: magical, mystical, rare
(or maybe those mutant-like skills are not there)

I’ve never shot laser beams out of my eye
my touch cannot freeze things, nor make them to fry
I’ve managed to fly (even once in the rain)
but each time I’ve flown it has been on a plane

I might be a mutant, I cannot be sure
and if I’m a mutant, there’s prob’ly no cure
I don’t think that I am contagious at least
(but what if I am? I might make you a beast!)

Is there a support group for those who like me
are likely not mutants, but still they might be
for those who can’t stretch to a mile in length
and do not possess super-human-like strength?

I might be a mutant, and you might be too
and we “might-be-mutants” in number are few
so can we agree to watch each other’s back
in case some non-mutant decides to attack?

Do you perhaps know of a way I can know
if I have mutations that maybe don’t show?
Then tell me the answer – (just think it out plain
I’ll find out the next time that I read your brain)