Witness to His Life – Our Response

The story of the birth of Christ
took place two-thousand years ago
and there are some who’d tell us that
it’s fiction, fantasy, or myth

And there are some who will admit
that yes, there really was a man
named Jesus, but he was no more
than that: a man who did good things

But who is this Jesus, really?
who do we believe that he is…
a good man, a teacher, a myth
or do we believe something more?

Are we willing, like the shepherds
and magi of so long ago
to seek the truth about this man
to know that he is our Saviour?

Will we join with the apostles
to be disciples of God’s son
obey Him, regardless of cost
and reflect His Light in darkness?

Oh Lord, let these words be true that:
“We are a community of
disciples who passionately
seek, obey, and reflect Jesus”


The last 3 lines of my poem is the vision statement of the church I attend. I thought that these were fitting words for a Christian’s response to the story of Christmas.

Poem is written in blank verse (although it contains metrical structure, it has rhyme scheme)

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