Parables of Earth -Part II

Hard packed, sun -baked dirt is of little worth
and so The Farmer uses blade to break
the ground before seeding. This way the earth
is made more receptive. He’ll also take

fertilizer and spread it on his land.
This process adds nutrients that his crop
will need. Does the soil ever demand
that the tilling and fertilizing stop?

If you have faced trials or trouble in
life, you are blessed! For these can be the hoe
and fertilizer that help you begin
to be soil in which good crops will grow

The Farmer understands that on his field,
soil quality will affect the yield.


To read all parts of this sonnet cycle (as far as completed), hover over “The Elemenent – Sonnet Cycles” at the top of the page and select “Earth”.


Sharing this at dVerse for Open Link Night

11 thoughts on “Parables of Earth -Part II

  1. Ah. I was sonneting myself today. I have tried and given up on many sonnet cycles. Perhaps you inspire me to try again!

  2. This is incredibly deep and filled with life-long wisdom ❀️ it’s a poem to grow into and reflect upon when times are difficult. Thank you so much for writing it, Bryan πŸ˜€

  3. The cares of
    This world
    And riches deceit
    Can yet grow
    From random seeds in
    Broken ground,
    But when it is not softened
    Not even the weeds
    Can find the purchase
    To even hear a sound.

    -Your sonnet is great, watch out for the birds on the wayside. πŸ˜‰

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