Seven Words from the Cross – Part VII

Today is Good Friday…and so I thought it a fitting day to post the final sonnet of my “Seven Words from the Cross” series.  This sonnet ties together a few different scripture passages, but the two passages that I am focusing on are John 19:30 (from which the seventh statement is recorded), and Luke 23:45b which speaks of what happened to the curtain that closed off the Holy of Holies in the temple.


A curtain blocked God’s earthly dwelling place
none but the priest, and he but once a year
could enter into this Most Holy space
for any other, death if they came near

The Life, the Truth, the Way he claimed to be
the one who’d lead us to the throne of God
But now the Christ was hanging on a tree
it seemed for all his claims he was a fraud

The ways of God, though, aren’t the ways of man
The path to life would come only through death
Christ was no fraud! He had a different plan:
one which he’d follow til his final breath

“It is finished” Jesus said: the price was paid
The curtain ripped in two: a way was made


In my Seven Words from the Cross series, I have attempted to show glimpses of what happened at the crucifixion, but there is far too much to fit it all into 7 poems of 14 lines each. Please read the crucifixion accounts from the Gospels to get the whole story…and speaking of the whole story…Christ’s death is certainly not the end of His story!  (It may be Friday now…but Sunday’s on the way!)


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