Seven Words from the Cross – Part V

What god in guise of human flesh would dare
allow his godly strength be stripped away?
What Greek or Roman deity might care
to be a human each and every day?

The One True God alone became a man
with body prone to pain and even death
as part of his redemptive loving plan
to offer humankind eternal breath

“I thirst” he cried out from his cross of wood
no god not truly man would be so frail.
No man not truly God could be so Good!
for through this “weakness”, Hell he would assail!

In strength he chose to give his life to save
he has a mission far beyond the grave…


This statement from Christ can be found in John 19:28. Part of the inspiration for this sonnet came from the poem “Descent” by Malcolm Guite.  Malcolm contrasted the vanity of  the “classic gods of old” with the self-sacrificial humility of Jesus.  I hope I might have captured a touch of that idea in my poem as well.

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