It’s Cold Outside

It’s COLD outside! The Kelvin scale
shows minus twenty two
a scientist said “that can’t be!”
I swear though that it’s true!
I saw a polar bear out there
it’s fur had turned all blue
so I am gonna stay inside
that’s where I think that I will hide
(I couldn’t go out if I tried
the door is frozen too!)


In the part of Canada where I live, we have been experiencing cold weather worse than any in the last hundred years or so. We’ve been hitting temperatures (including the wind chill) colder than -50 C (about -60 F)(OK…-22 K might be a slight exaggeration). With weather this cold, I need to turn to a bit of humour to “warm things up a bit”. Also, there are no polar bears in this area…but I’m pretty sure that if there were, they would be turning blue!

For those not familiar with the Kelvin Scale, it is a temperature rating system where 0 represents the coldest temperature theoretically possible (at 0 K, all atomic motion would stop), so minus 22 K is scientifically impossible

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