Merry Christmas! And a big Thank You to all of you who have followed me throughout my Advent journey,and if you are new here, welcome!

I must confess that I really struggled with the following poem compared to the previous four poems of my Advent series.  I finally wrote a draft yesterday that I decided to share, but wasn’t quite satisfied with it…and then I woke up this morning with an idea that I think worked better.  I have decided to share both versions of the poem with you


Earlier version:

God’s holy angel came to visit you
and said that you were favoured by the Lord
perhaps you wondered how it could be true
that you would bring to flesh the Living Word

You asked the angel, “how can this all be,
for as a virgin how can I conceive?”
“For God Himself will place in you His seed”
the angel said. And Mary, you believed!

Although you knew you were of David’s line
of late, no kings had sat upon the throne
your child, though, would be a King Divine!
and through your son God’s mercy would be shown

You said, “through me let God’s plan be unfurled
and so you bore the Saviour of the world!

Final version:

A messenger from God came down to you
and said that you would bear an infant son
this news: how could it possibly be true?
for you were not yet wed to anyone

what will the people think? you might have thought
an unwed woman pregnant with a child!
you might have answered him, “no, I cannot.
Would not my reputation be defiled?”

you might have thought of him you were to wed
he’d have the right to cast you from his life
and so you could have turned away and said
“I cannot risk not being Joseph’s wife”

Instead you said, “I’ll be God’s servant girl”
and so you bore the Saviour of the world!


First poem based primarily on Luke 1:26-38.  Reference to Jesus as the “Living Word” based on John 1:1-18.

Second poem was also based on Luke 1:26-38, as well as my own speculations about some of the things that Mary might have thought about when the angel Gabriel came to visit her.


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