napowrimo 2018 – day 6

Today our prompt at is to think about line-breaks.  I’m going to cheat a bit here and re-post a sonnet I wrote quite some time ago.  However, it’s not going to look like a sonnet anymore, as I will be breaking my lines at thought ends instead of after every 10th syllable.  If you re-shuffle the lines so that each ends after the 10th syllable, you will find that the poem as an Elizebethan sonnet rhyme structure.  However, if you read the poem as it will be shown below, I think that you’ll find the rhyme scheme is almost unnoticable.

BEYOND (Redux)

Besides the things we see there’s what’s beyond our faculty to know.
We could study for a lifetime,
the creatures of the pond
and we would still get merely a muddy glimpse of all there is to know.
There’s always more to learn,
and there’s much that will never be understood by us.
Our knowledge stays slight,
despite our continued endeavor to learn all that we can.
It’s not too late for us to understand:
true wisdom starts when we realize that no matter how great our knowledge grows,
we’ll know only in part.
Mere knowledge on its own won’t bring to light the things that are not visible to sight.