Napowrimo 2018 – Day 4

the prompt today at is to put imagery into our poetry. Here is my attempt:

Lump of Wet Clay

Unused words are a lump of wet clay. They
Wait to take shape on the potter’s wheel
And though at first, they are a formless grey
Speak or write them, they become something real

Some words make gaudy ugly stuff: a plate,
Perhaps, with edges sharp to cut the hand
Of him who hears them spoke. It is too late,
Once uttered to unmake. Please understand!

But some are gold-gilt works of art. They are
A vase of priceless worth: displayed with pride!
The one who hears them calls to near and far:
“Come here. Behold!”. Those words he’ll never hide

So what will you make with your words today?
Remember that you hold a lump of clay!