Napowrimo 2018 – day 1

April is he again…and that means it’s National (International) Poetry Writing Month – or NaPoWriMo for short.   I will once again attempt to post at least one new poem every day for the entire month. At, we are given an optional prompt each day. I will use these prompts sometimes, but will likely’do my own thing’ from time to time too.  Today’s prompt is secret shame or secret pleasure. Without further ado…

I have a secret love of sound
Of rhyme and rhythm on the page
Where poems and poets can be found
I think that that is all the rage

And though some poets write more ‘free’
eschewing rhyme and rhythm too
I tend to write more formally
(It’s OK if that’s not for you)

My rhyme book’s never far from hand
In case I cannot rhyme with ‘purple’
You think ‘He’s stuck now! Ain’t that grand?’
But ‘Ha!’ a cat is really ‘fur full!’

And now to end, I’ll rhyme with ‘orange’
By simply using the word…darn. nothing rhymes after all.