Simeon’s Song

Feb.2, according to the church calendar, is the day when we remember the Presentation of the Lord at the temple.  On that day, Mary and Joseph took Jesus to the temple, and while they were there, they met a man named Simeon

Very little is known about Simeon. What we do know is that he was informed by God’s Holy Spirit that he would not die until he saw the Messiah. I do not know what Simeon expected to see when he met the Messiah. Perhaps he knew that he would meet an infant, but perhaps he had a different idea and was surprised by the reality. The following poem is my speculation of what might have occurred on the day that Jesus was presented at the temple

Simeon’s Song of Praise – Aert de Gelder ( 1645-1727)

How dark, O Lord, this world without your light
in ritual we’ve vainly sought your grace
and yet your Spirit said You’d grant this sight:
before I die, I’d see my Savior’s face!

I thought that he’d arrive with show of power
to heal our land and set this people free
That when he came, within that very hour
O Lord, on Earth he’d place Your Monarchy

But now, against my chest I hold a Child
and from my eyes flow freely tears of joy
O Lord: your Son!  So small, so meek, so mild
To think: the Savior is an infant boy!

for many years, I’ve lived in expecation
release me now: for I have held Salvation!


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