About two thousand years ago a star
Foretold the coming of a new-born King
And some who saw it traveled from afar
Trusting this star to guide their wandering

Although they knew not Him for whom they sought
They left behind the comforts of their home
Although with dangers they’d be surely fraught
They set out knowing not how long they’d roam

Today, though I can read of Him who came
I have no time to delve into His Word
I far too seldom pause to lift His Name
For in my haste those prayers are oft deferred.

Too busy as I am to stop and see
How will I find the time to start to seek?


Today is Epiphany. Epiphany is a day to commemorate when the Magi (Wise Men) met Jesus. Based on the conversation between King Herod and the Magi, it is most likely that Jesus was no longer a new-born, but would have been no more than 2 years of age (hence Herod’s later order to slaughter all boys of 2 years and under).

The word “epiphany” refers to a revelation – or revealing. In this case, God revealing himself to the Gentiles.

I wrote the above poem because I fully believe that God desires to reveal himself to us, but he will not force revelation upon us if we are too busy with life to even bother looking for him. Far too often, I am too busy…not with anything important even…to spend time reading my Bible, praying, or otherwise spending time with my Saviour.

My desire for myself…and my desire for all of you as well…is that 2018 will be a year where we will all pause long enough to see what God would have us do…and then beyond that, that we would actively seek to know Christ better!


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