Song of Fire – Part XI

One by one we bid each other goodbye.
There are the hugs given to friends who are
heading to the airport from where they’ll fly
to some resort. They never seem too far
away, as we know that they’ll soon be back.
Harder, though, are those final farewells, said
to loved ones who have stepped beyond the crack
that separates this world from the next. Red
eyed from grief, it might be tempting to think
we’d be better off if we didn’t bare
our souls to that most temporary link
called friendship, and yet, how sad not to dare!
for though each life like each flame one day ends
we’re richer for the time we’ve spent with friends


for dVerse Open Link Night

The whole cycle, thus far, can be found if you click on the link for “The Elements – Sonnet Cycles” at the top of this page, and then select “fire”


10 thoughts on “Song of Fire – Part XI

  1. his is so timely. Tomorrow I attend the funeral of my dearest friend of 57 years. We played cards together, raised our children together, vacationed in the mountains every year, lost our husbands together, and shared joys and sorrows. You are so right, I’m richer for the time we spent as friends. Thank you.

    • I am so sorry to hear of your loss, Beverly, but at the same time, I rejoice to hear that you are richer for the time you spent with her. May tomorrow be a time, not only of grief, but a day of celebration of your friend.

  2. I think of the Garth Brooks song, “I could have missed the pain, but then I’d have to miss the dance.” The dance is what’s important — the part of life you could share together. A lovely tribute to friendship.

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