you, like me, know the name
of the one who is causing you
the most grief, the one
who is fragmenting your soul

I, like you, hope that my name
is not the one thought of
by too many people when they think
of who is fragmenting them

but that is the way of it
isn’t it?
that we would be willing
to cast another aside
but would not, ourselves,
be thus cast?

for what use
is a clay jar
after it has been
hurled against stone?


for dVerse OLN

13 thoughts on “Ostracon

  1. I had to look up that word — interesting history. So apparently the Ostracon has lots of uses — the smashed pot is often redeemed by many. And, as is written, who the the pot to complain. But I say, yell loudly. They say, don’t do to others what you don’t want them to do unto you. Maybe the silver rule is better: Do for others what they’d have them do unto you. Otherwise, people may be smashing pots thinking they are doing us all a favor. 😉

    • Did you come across the meaning where the ostraca (plural of ostracon) where used as ballots to vote for someone to be exiled? It is where we get the word ostracize from.

  2. I like the idea in the second stanza about not wanting to be the one remembered for having fragmented others (or too many). Nice comparison of fragmenting with a broken jar.

  3. Hopefully I treat people well, I think I do.
    I am patient with those who irritate – for I may (unknowingly) irritate others.
    Sometimes though, there is a need for ‘doing unto others…’ to keep self-respect.
    Anna :o]

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