Humpty Dumpty – alternate version

It is true I lack barely a thing
for that is my life as a king
I have horses and men to serve me
yet my vision is clouded when I see

that peasant who does not bow down
to me when I come to his town
I begin to suspect that this man
has hatched some diabolical plan

to see me, his sovereign and lord
murdered by him and his horde
but mark me! For I’ll have him fall
as if from the top of a wall

I’ll have my army attend
to him as if they would mend
him but I’ll have you know
their concern is but a show

for I shall instruct all my men
not to let that fiend rise again
they’ll feign regret as they leave
but I myself shall not grieve


the prompt today at dVerse is to write a dramatic monologue about a planned murder, using anapests as the basic metrical unit, and an aabb, ccdd, etc rhyme scheme. I didn’t manage the meter as well as I would have liked.