School Limericks

a teacher who taught in the school
told his students he had just one rule
“do all that you should
and try to be good
and then you will be nobody’s fool”

a kid who was taking a bath
was trying to study his math
it’s too bad he let
his math book get wet
’cause his teacher was all in a wrath

a girl named Petunia Lang,
when the bell to end science class rang
thought “it won’t go amiss
if I mix that with this”
so the next class learned ’bout the big bang

a kid who was known as Ted
hated the class called PhysEd
he claimed “fills my brain
with incredible pain”
but was told it was all in his head

a few more limericks for dVerse and NaPoWriMo (where I am once again off prompt)