Autobiographical Limericks

In April I write poems each day
at least if I have it my way
though I’m striving for great
they turn out third rate
but still I won’t stop come what may


the guy with the blog “quest 4 peas”,
while ord’ring a burger said “please
let’s watch shows with not
even one ounce of plot
‘cuz I like eating burgers with cheese”


the worst thing ’bout being named ‘Bryan’
is it can be aw-ful-ly tryin’
to hear ev’ry ‘bard’
that enters my yard
spout lim’ricks that have me a’cryin’


sharing for the limerick prompt at dVerse, and also for NaPoWriMo (where I am off prompt today)

15 thoughts on “Autobiographical Limericks

  1. Nodding my head at the first, laughing at the second, and wondering at the third, have you seen the movie Darby O’Gill and the Little People? There’s a leprechaun King Bryan in there…

  2. The saucer I saw in the skies
    Was certainly quite a surprise
    But my nightmare began
    When a little green man
    Said: “Greetings!” and opened his flies.

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