Ten Thoughts On Sin


a small stone
does not merely impact
the water where it strikes
but creates ripples
felt for
a great distance around

you can stab
and slash
more deeply
with actions
than with knives

I once bought some strawberries
and noticed that there was mold on one
I decided to deal with it later, but
before long they were all ruined

Your garden may seem pristine
but don’t drop your guard
or it will soon be
over-run with weeds

looking tasty
does not prevent a poison
from being a poison

I wondered:
would the bear trap be sprung
if I stepped on it.
It was.

a man made a statue of himself
so that everyone would see
how great he was
soon the pigeons came
and covered the statue in filth
and then what everyone saw
was much closer to the truth

the room looks empty
when the lights are on
but only because
the rats are hiding

a hornet seems small
until it stings

There is only One
who can wash me clean
but first I must admit
that I am not


sharing with NaPoWriMo

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