Grocery Poems – Aisle 3


the yellow rubber chicken
waits patiently by the blue raspberry Kool Aid
for the boy in the red over-alls
to discover her in Aisle 3



this poem is being shared at dVerse for Open Link Night with apologies to William Carlos Williams

note:  all images in my “Grocery Poems” are taken at a local grocery store.  I have not re-arranged any product, but have taken the pictures as I have found the product.

On Baseball

Perhaps you find the sport of ball most fair
But in that I would say you’re in left field
to find a sport more foul would be rare
and I will strike you down unless you yield

perhaps my comments seem off base to you
so let us eat a bunt cake and discuss
and we can share a water pitcher too
no need for you to walk off in a fuss

now if you wish a better sport to see
the sport of golf – that hits home runs with me!


OK…to be fair, I actually really enjoy watching baseball (go Blue Jays!),  …golf…not so much. Written for NaPoWriMo, where the prompt is to use sports terms in poetry.