Little Timmy Asked His Sis…

“Where do babies come from?” little Timmy asked his sis.
(he was 4 plus 2 months more, and Sue, his sis was six)

“Mommy says that Daddy came and put a seed in her,
but Timmy, just between us two, I think that sounds absurd,
‘cuz Mommy washes up real good, so where would he find dirt
and if he dug her up to plant, I think that that would hurt!
And if that seed is planted in the middle of her tummy
then Daddy’s not important, ‘cuz he doesn’t help feed mommy.
I heard our neighbour say to me that mommy has a bun
and that, I think, makes sense because I’m sure that she ate one
the day before she told us that a baby’s coming here
so I am off of eating those because I have a fear
that if I eat too many buns I’ll have a baby too
and I’m too young to be a mom. Whatever would I do?

“If I keep eating buns, oh Sue would I get peg-an-ant?”

“No, you’re OK, ‘cuz you’re a boy, and boys they simply can’t”


a “creation myth” for NaPoWriMo