Chapel Rice

At dVerse, today, the prompt is to write a Pop Sonnet. That is…take a pop song and re-write it as a sonnet. I’ll leave it to my readers to guess which song I used.


A lass doth gather rice from chapel floor
And vainly dreams of her own wedded bliss
Her face is false when she steps out her door
And all her strivings surely go amiss

A vicar scribbles words to speak to none
For there are naught who care to hear his speech
He mendeth clothing at the set of sun
What careth he when hope’s beyond his reach?

Within the church that poor lass met her death
and Vicar spake his words to none but she
Perhaps he thought that he had wasted breath
The only one who heard him preach was he

Why are there those who find they’re all alone
and might they ever hope to find a home?

Pieces of Peace

is every act of kindness just one piece
of efforts to bring to this world some peace?

does something done in anger mar the chance
that in this life we will ever see peace?

are unkind words like a puzzle
that is missing a critical piece?

I ponder, sometimes, what I am doing
to bring to those around me more peace

or am I wasting my time in a pointless
and futile quest4peas?


my attempt at a Ghazal for NaPoWriMo. I tried to have a bit of fun with my blog title.