The Tale of Karla Kidd

Karla Kidd the Kangaroo
liked coffee mixed with cream
and if she missed her morning fix
oh how you’d hear her scream

Ken and Keith, the Koala twins
said, “Karla’s such a creep”
’cause every time we go to bed
she shrieks us from our sleep!”

The kookaburra in her tree
and other critters too
were all annoyed with Karla’s shrieks
and said, “what shall we do?”

A Cobra King from India
who’d come to visit kin
said, I can help you out my friends:
one bite will end this din!”

The moral of my crazy tale
is “don’t annoy your friend”
for screaming ’cause you’ve missed your fix
might cause your life to end.


really, the moral is: check your fridge and pantry – and if you’re running low on coffee and/or cream, be sure to go buy some!


written for NaPoWriMo – the prompt today is to use alliteration and/or assonance