there is beauty, yet, in the natural world
unmarred, so far, by the hand of man
but in the name of progress
trees are cut and rivers damned
and mountains are blasted to dust
because we need a new highway

do you ever wonder where progress is leading?

last night I dreamed that I went
to visit a friend who lived on a distant world
to which humans had fled to escape from
the destructions they had wrought on the Earth
but as I toured this world, I learned
that even there, the native vegetation
had been destroyed and replaced with
something more suitable to ‘progress’

do you ever wonder where progress is leading?

I can only imagine that one day we will
take to the stars to find a perfect new world
to replace the one that we have wrecked,
but we will be stopped by some alien being
who will tell us that we cannot come further because
we have too much perfected the fine art of destruction

do you ever wonder where progress is leading?


Written for day 11 of NaPoWriMo, where we are invited to write a poem in the form known as “Bop”

note 1: in line 4 of this poem, I speak of rivers being dammed, but spelled it “damned”. This was not a typo.

note 2: I don’t usually write environmental poetry, but the dream I mentioned was real, and it led to this piece.