The Tale of Knight’s Search for Treasure

The sun arose on Sunday morn
the first day of the week
and on this day a knight set out
a treasure for to seek

The sun arose on Monday morn
and this tale finds our knight
in battle with a scaly beast
a long and glorious fight

The sun arose on Tuesday morn
and by an ocean shore
our Good Sir Knight keeps on his search
what things might he explore?

The sun arose on Wednesday morn
no treasures yet were found
but our Sir Knight does not give up
he knows that they’re around

The sun arose on Thursday morn
our knight is searching caves
but finds that they are empty ones
and quite as still as graves

The sun arose on Friday morn
The Knight will not give up
Perhaps today’s the day he’ll find
a jewel crusted cup

The sun arose on Saturday
and cross the sky it crept
but our poor knight was tuckered out
and on he slept and slept


At, for day Eight we are encouraged to write a poem utilizing repetition.

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